Ability to see regions when testing

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Ability to see regions when testing

Postby wolf653 » 16 May 2020, 04:09

often times you experience unintended errors due to the region moving to the wrong place or having its explosion underground so what if you could actually see regions while testing the map of course you can disable it and enable it again in case it gets in the way. it would just make development less frustrating as you can see why it isn't working more easily
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Re: Ability to see regions when testing

Postby Girl_Power » 16 May 2020, 07:16

Good idea. I sometimes have those problems too so it'll be easier to see.
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Re: Ability to see regions when testing

Postby yi en » 23 May 2020, 07:27

Yep. Unless you are "forced" to add another background to check the actual regions, which it's annoying and sometimes map makers would forget to delete them.

Quite a good idea.
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