User Has an active ban (!?!?!)

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User Has an active ban (!?!?!)

Postby broforce1 » 15 January 2020, 09:34

don't get it wrong,and i don't really if this where old or i'm such an idiot but!,you know,none has an active ban,
because sometimes you've might noticed that,the status of the player's profile always saying PB2 user isn't it,but i want to get this one,I've chosen a random user that has and active ban on the status profile or something,if you view this random profile,,and then when you view the status it will appears with ,User has an active ban,what is this,like he's not admin or something,or i mean,what is this means that user has an active ban,is that means that he got kicked or banned,or he can kick any player from the match instantly,or this could be a hack or something else i don't know about it so please tell what is this means,but what it will cause too,hmm

kinda felling that i'm such a child making useless posts but whatever :P
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Re: User Has an active ban (!?!?!)

Postby Metaphoric Tree Hugger » 15 January 2020, 09:39

It means that the user is currently banned.
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Re: User Has an active ban (!?!?!)

Postby Civil-Lite » 15 January 2020, 22:00

It literally means what it is, the user is currently banned.
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Re: User Has an active ban (!?!?!)

Postby ECC9 » 17 January 2020, 19:30

Oh wtf

Does anyone knows why he got banned ?
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