organising custom images

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organising custom images

Postby yizhe » 3 December 2019, 13:53

perhaps categorising them would help find custom images better?
e.g. guns, buildings, vehicles, characters, lamps, backgrounds, etc.

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Re: organising custom images

Postby broforce1 » 16 March 2020, 08:49

you can search the decors and walls by

-search by uploader : search the username who upload any docor

and search the decor name
maybe if we add settings that we can
tag the image on such as art or fun or decor or wall or something you wanna tag it on
not matter how but we can add also "search by tags" if you want.
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Re: organising custom images

Postby nightmar » 9 May 2020, 00:15

I was also planning to make a topic on this but I am not sure to what categories they should be split into. As for the why I think that's useful I'll just say that I when I type the word "gun" in the tags it will only show me the decors with the word "gun" in them and not all the guns. Some guns have weird names and if one does not remember theirs or their uploader's name they won't be able to find them easily.

So yeah I am in favor.
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Re: organising custom images

Postby Girl_Power » 9 May 2020, 01:39

I am in favour of this feature. It is a hassle trying to find specific decors. Would love to have this system.
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Re: organising custom images

Postby yi en » 23 May 2020, 07:33

Currently the custom images are quite like "development".
Which I would say it could need some big changes of that (including pages, show more than 100 things, private decoration usage, tags, descriptions, the size of them, custom sky should implemented into engine marks, vehicle which can be animated using my own 30fps or 60fps animation frames feature, custom gun skin which makes the life easier with animation, shooting flare etc.

Also the approvation of decorations still need to be taken care of it. Lack of staff could make the efficiency worse.
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