Level Up Rewards

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Level Up Rewards

Postby Imran 1 » 12 October 2019, 12:40

So today I've been playing the game for once after a pretty long time because of the new update. Overall I'd like to say its pretty good and I like the xp system a lot, however if the xp system had unlockable rewards for Level Ups it would make the game way more fun to play in opinion. So my suggestion is to have unlockable rewards when leveling up such as unlocking characters to select as avatar (personally, I'd like to be able to unlock the star defender avatar).
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Re: Level Up Rewards

Postby mrblake213 » 12 October 2019, 12:49

Maybe if we were only given 5 skins to choose in the beginning and we would unlock skins as we level up.
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Re: Level Up Rewards

Postby Jason Eden » 12 October 2019, 13:07

Unlockable skins? This is a great idea actually. Maybe unique colored versions of already existing skins for DM gamemode? About completely unique separate skins - no. Because, well, we all know Eric won't remove current skins from players for not being pro enough. And we all know Eric won't add new skins to the game because the recent update was the last one for this game. We need some other solution for this.

Yeah, PB2 clearly needs some rewarding system. I don't think that having shiny "level 50" text on the profile page means a lot to anybody. It's just a bunch of letters that don't give you anything. So what's the point of leveling up then?
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Re: Level Up Rewards

Postby Piersss » 13 January 2020, 12:41

Good idea. Ideas like this can open opportunities for players to be determined, in order to achieve the desired results such as a reward.
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Re: Level Up Rewards

Postby yizhe » 27 January 2020, 12:31

i had spoken to eric gurt once last month or so and he was planning to implement unlockable skins, but not anytime soon tho. he said it would be most likely in pb2.5.
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