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Re: To paragraph writers inside the forums...

Postby massmurrder » 1 September 2021, 01:58

schatzkluger wrote:I think being yourself is not working at all, according into De Saussure's structuralism an existence is affected by it's structure---not by itself, this kind of ideas of being yourself is a part of radicalized realism proposed by contemporary philosophers such as Nietzsche, Sartre, Heidegger, and friends (as for Soren Kierkegaard he noted that human's most definitive existence is originated from God). So you are basically following radicalized dudes---for being yourself, the most effective way of self is to have a divine saviour according into Soren's, and becoming a nicer person each day. For everything we owe, we must pay it by love not hate, not calling for originality, but rather an original discipline of love.

This is very true.
But you can be your true self over time while choosing this method; determinism isn't always determined by one's self (as in not by just a thought on a whim) will, rather, by their actions and what they hope in their hearts while doing so. Worth noting that no one has a complete free will. If that was the case a prisoner would be free inside their cage if you put it into perspective.

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Re: To paragraph writers inside the forums...

Postby Gashadokuro » 30 October 2021, 22:24

In order for the Plazma Burst forum to live, its object must die; by dying, the object takes its revenge for being "discovered" and with its death defies the community that wants to grasp it.

Don't all social media sites live on this paradoxical slope to which it is doomed by the evanescence of its object in its very apprehension, and by the pitiless reversal that the dead object exerts on it? Like Orpheus, it always turns around too soon, and, like Eurydice, its object falls back into Hades.
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Re: To paragraph writers inside the forums...

Postby JDC5 » 31 October 2021, 18:16

mokaal wrote:
Civil-Lite wrote:But doesn’t this basically contradict what’s been said since it also counts as a paragraph?

My good sir, to deal with paragraph we have to use paragraph as well, just like dealing fire with fire.

Probably the stupidest shit I've heard anyone say. You do realize fire doesn't burn out fire right?

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