Federation Millitary Block

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Federation Millitary Block

Postby CakeSpider » 2 July 2020, 14:55

I made this post in order for you to have at least some idea about this faction Federation;
This does not mean that it is 100% canon due to small lore of Plazma Burst.

how can someone know who sitting in discord, i redrawed some my skins of federation (Federation Soldier M5 and Federation Marine) Federation Soldier
Federation is millitary-political block, occupying one or some planets. Idea of this block it's unit all humanity against a any hostile alien civilization in the in a difficult time for humanity itself. In fact they as globalists but at the same time they is nationalists (for alien races). Perhaps federation dont like falkonian race. Location of Federation's location is unknow but most likely their bases are located in cold and tundra types of planets near with solar system.
most of their weapons are specialized in long-range and medium-range combat, equipment of federation troopers is very heavy. Vechicles strong but slow, probably they using landing planes and tanks.
Federation was created a long time ago before correction 9. Seems to be, Federation have bad relationships with Earth, despite the fact that they come from Earth firstly. Given that this is a military block, they may be at war with other factions for planets with resources and technologies.
Probably after opening portal in usurpation world by Correction Nine, federation reflected the usurpation invasion, knowing that this is what they were created for. But for some reasons like moral and politic support, in PB2 timeline Federation was collapsed due to banal aging and rotting, all techologies was sold to other factions.
Logo of the Federation - bird is symbolizing a peace in the circle of this millitary block in star system

More information but not useful:
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Federation soldier with swords

Federation soldier with swords from pb2.5, soldiers dont using often swords, because most of battles against enemies they are held at medium and long distances.
Default Group

Default suit of federation troopers. They using it everywhere. And yea third guy not saint :nope:
Arctic Group

This is name not correct, taking into account arctic is unified physical and geographical area of the Earth adjacent to the North pole, and federation located in other planets, yes in the cold. Camouflage is good, but in the usurpation invasion, camo dont helped in the battles probably usurpation soliders has infrared vision.

I will add something new here in the post, if I'll come up with something interesting
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Re: Federation Millitary Block

Postby TcBot » 4 July 2020, 11:21

I very like the default remake.

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Re: Federation Millitary Block

Postby black white » 17 March 2021, 13:25

:D :D Nice

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Re: Federation Millitary Block

Postby Paul Jackson CS » 20 July 2021, 15:20

Very nice lore. I really like the infrared vision part that you mentioned. You are probably right. The soldiers of this area probably have infrared vision, night vision, etc. These features are probably integrated into the soldier's helmets. We know that the equipment of the game's era is very advanced, so it's very likely that features like infrared vision are included in the battlesuits of soldiers.
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