My First skin idea #1

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My First skin idea #1

Postby Star Def » 10 December 2019, 16:36

an advanced android skin:

its much faster and much smarter,also it has a fast
attacking with swords.

a white version:

this when he got a high temperature hit damage so it has a
powerful cooler to cool its own body

this is a blue shield,the android will turn it on while fighting
in a battle,it can be used only in case if the energy was

if the anything i must ad it to this skin post a reply,try not to mention the bad things that will make it bad,try to mention things that it make it better.

and as always Make it Better.

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Re: My First skin idea #1

Postby LazyRain » 18 December 2019, 11:20

So it's just edited halfs of two white androids. Looks not bad, but you didn't changed legs at all. Some additional colors would be good. That symbol on the shoulder actually is C9 icon in case you don't know.
Also, make pictures bigger next time.
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Re: My First skin idea #1

Postby boom5 » 20 January 2020, 01:46

I like it. Could have been made better though quality wise. The legs do feel off as well comparing them with the torso.
Bruh Moment.
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