Usurpation Scout

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Usurpation Scout

Postby Xenon- » 2 December 2019, 20:29

How it was made

-Modding was done by GIMP 2.8, very useful making new images from context. Didn't take very long, but would be appreciated if you would give some criticism to help me learn to improve. Thank you.

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The Usurpation Scout, usually armed with a Alien Pistol, traverse deep into unknown/hostile lands to act more as spies than actual reconnaissance. They have advanced technology to disguise themselves as a dead unit (i.e. Civil Security Lite) as a means of reporting enemy activity to Usurpation data.
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Re: Usurpation Scout

Postby boom5 » 6 December 2019, 05:16

I wouldn't make that a scout
Bruh Moment.
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Re: Usurpation Scout

Postby LazyRain » 18 December 2019, 10:53

It's bad edition. At least it's not a weird shaped skin made without base picture. But you need to improve you skills.
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