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Postby Nexus B » 12 August 2019, 18:04

Finally something that is not a gun. The pb2 vehicle I only know to draw is drone so there are some of them.
Falkonian drone: https://prnt.sc/orpxj6
Alien drone: https://prnt.sc/orpxhk
Heavy drone: https://prnt.sc/orpyix
Unknown drone: https://prnt.sc/orpykt
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Re: Drones

Postby Incompetence » 12 August 2019, 21:50

looks more like helmets or character heads to me lol
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Re: Drones

Postby daft punk 777 » 13 August 2019, 07:22

not bad drones but i dont think what eric will be add new vehicles (he sayed it)
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Re: Drones

Postby darkstar 1 » 13 August 2019, 13:39

Incompetence wrote:looks more like helmets or character heads to me lol

Well, the current drones could be put on a body as well and look like heads

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Re: Drones

Postby boom5 » 30 August 2019, 05:23

I like them all but the unknown drone.
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