Funny Moments #4 Part 2

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Funny Moments #4 Part 2

Postby Peter Plays » 18 September 2016, 22:15

This is Part 2 of a two hour recording session with me and some other BoZ members.

Link to my channel:

People in Video:

Peter - Blue Text
Destroyer - Red Text
X Mechanic - Green Text
HeroicMike - Black Text
Nasri - Orange Text
xSmithie - Light Blue

There would be a part 3 but there was an error where there was a delay in the voices and it made most of the clips bad...
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Re: Funny Moments #4 Part 2

Postby Mhm » 19 September 2016, 04:50

Hahaha, i can't stop laughing! Hilarious, please make more videos like that..!
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