How to make your own Plazma Burst 2 mods

How to make your own Plazma Burst 2 mods

Postby goeric54 » 25 October 2021, 09:49

Hello everybody! Today, i'll teach you how to make your own Plazma Burst 2 mods!


To get started, first, find a Flash Decompiler, i'd recommend JPEXS because i used it for Plazma Burst Last Tronrun.

For now on, let's take a look in Plazma Burst 2 .swf files shall we?

You have some versions of Plazma Burst 2, which can be found on: ... e/releases


Currently, we are using the recent version, but if you want to make it with 1.0, 1.19 or 1.24, you can do that.


Alright, now let's take a look on the .swf itself shall we?

Okay, so i'll explain them.
Header is where the .swf itself stores the Resolution, Signature, Compression, SWF version, GFX, Frame Rate (don't try to go up to 60) and Frame Count.
Shapes is where it stores things like images, or vector made on Adobe Flash CS6.
MorphShapes is where it stores some animation like the Anti-Gravity one, "Gun has Hit a Wall" animations, and even more.
Sprites is where it stores animations that are required to play on the game itself, although it needs Scripts
Texts is where it stores texts, although on Multiplayer, they are required to say something with Scripts
Images is where it stores images, don't ask why.
Sounds is where it stores sounds, although you can see that they are in text, that's because of SymbolClass.
Buttons is where it stores buttons, used only for coding them, like changing character's color
Fonts is where it stores fonts, there are different types of font you can find, don't change them (please).
Frames is where it stores the rooms, you can find hidden stuff in the rooms ;)
Others is where it can store FileAttributes, Metadata, SetBackgroundColor, Protect, DefineSceneAndFrameLabelData, JPEGTables, exc.
And finally, the required thing in order to play Plazma Burst 2 is:
Scripts ActionScript 1, 2 and 3, although Plazma Burst 2 doesn't use ActionScript 1 and 2, but keep in mind that trying to use P-Code on ActionScript 3 does not work properly, only some, but Plazma Burst 2 has some protection to it, although i know how to bypass this.


In order to bypass ActionScript 3's protection, we must use P-Code, however, i have found a way to it.

Wanted to get new chat IDs? But P-Code is lazy and does this: §pushidk

Well you're in luck!
These 2 can help you:
Now, combine them:

debugline 1
pushstring "5"
ifne ofs00c7
pushstring "#85FFFD"
debugline 2
debugline 3
pushstring "example stickman"

(you gotta copy the entire Multiname code)
After that, you should hopefully have the chat ID you have, try it on a map!

Sadly, this forum is unfinished, but i'll update it anytime, so don't get your hopes up!
Make it better.
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Re: How to make your own Plazma Burst 2 mods

Postby yi en » 26 October 2021, 10:49

Cool Facts: change the sprites/images on images if available in order to save your modded swf space.

Anyways, nice start on PB2 mods tutorial. Would start compiling everything we had found into gitbook section, but it would take a long time, but not as long as before eric released PB2.5.

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