Here's to you, Shark

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Here's to you, Shark

Postby Gashadokuro » 6 September 2021, 02:34

"Old players make sky base with matter containers and new players have no ability to dig for crystals or fly to base. So this turns game into some damn dictatorship / monopoly game - if you are liked by old players they allow you to go to base and if you are not then you are stuck at ground (because you cant spawn anywhere else), cannot upgrade and then they come down and kill you" - Shark

Shark was a misunderstood visionary, and a beautiful mind. After months of absolute incompetence, Eric (may god bless him) rained hellfire on the SC hoarders, quarantining them within half a server. They also lost all their admin tools, laggy vaults, and their sole justification; being 'official'.

I raise my hat to Mr Eric for his stunning and brave decision!
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