SC's Return.

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SC's Return.

Postby that161isgoody » 13 April 2021, 19:41

Welcome, ladies and gents. Now, as you may know, SC took a break because most of our members were starting to have a mental toll taken on them due to PBC,SD,Shark,Revenant, and our intense amount of raiders. Fortunately, we've OFFICIALLY returned. With this small message, I wanna say... Please. Please, for the love of your sanity and your mind, please know when to quit something. If something is addictive, and you wanna keep going, but you know it's taking a toll, take a break. Have some time to yourself. This goes for everyone. Whether it be Shark, Rev, The entire of PBC(hi Hypo!), or just SD's community in general. If something is making you feel bad, but you're addicted to it, take a vacation, if you can. You don't always have to sit on Discord all day, or defend a base all night, or waste 24/7 grinding in a game. If you love it, then you do. But don't let it bring you down. All of us have a high horse. Stay on it.
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