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Official Plazma League Code of Conduct

Postby Bryguy4280 » 3 September 2020, 04:26

The following text is Official Plazma League Rules for competition during competitive season matches. All of these rules are subject to be enforced, updated, or removed whenever it is deemed necessary by the staff of Plazma League. All players who participate in Official Plazma League matches can be subject to punishment after breaking these rules. Warnings aside, respect these rules with utmost importance.

Scheduling Matches

1.0 ~ All teams must schedule their matches with opponents before a game day. It is recommended by Staff that all teams schedule at least 3 days ahead of time. Less time to prepare could result in a severe loss to a team.

1.1 ~ All teams that fail to create a time slot for competition within the given preparation window will be forced to meet in the middle after being walked through the process by a Commissioner. If a team can not appear for competition or does not show up, it will result in a series disqualification and reflect on their team record regardless of time struggles.

1.2 ~ A time period will be selected specifically for Season 4 competition. This period of time is designed to give managers the ability to agree on a time to compete as if they were setting up a scrimmage match which also gives them an opinion on when they're available to compete.

Pausing Matches

2.0 ~ Teams will be limited to 3 pauses per match in a series (series being best of 3 competition). Each pause will be timed as 5 minutes per pause. Time keeping will be held by the referee assigned to that match. Violation of this will result in disqualification. Exceeding the given amount of pauses will also result in disqualification.

2.1 ~ The only way to sub out a player in a match will be to use a pause. Teams are given an unlimited amount of substitutions in a match, but are restricted to using 3 pauses per match to substitute any player they want.

2.2 ~ During realisation and careful consideration during Season 3 of Plazma League, players are no longer allowed to leave their spawn area during a pause. This applies to firing weapons as well. Teams who shoot their weapons during a pause or move past their spawn point will be penalized by a Commissioner. This could also result in a disqualification if deemed necessary after being consulted with the Staff team.

2.3 ~ Commissioner pauses can be officially requested when investigating a team or player violating a match rule. All previous pause guidelines apply to a Commissioner's pause which means the punishments are also the same.

Legal and Illegal Postponement

3.0 ~ If a Team is running late or waiting for a player, the ability to request a 10 minute postpone can be permitted by a Commissioner. Each team is given 1 postpone which can be used anytime before a match in a series. This is a good tool to use whenever your team mate decided to use the bathroom before the game so it's recommended by the Staff you use this ability wisely as a team.

3.1 ~ Unofficial delays of matches will not be tolerated and result in disqualification for whichever team refuses to play. With or without a full roster to compete, delay of game will always be a penalty as handled when pauses go over their time limit.

Revive Disqualification

4.0 ~ Crash'n is a forbidden technique that will not be tolerated in any circumstance within Plazma League competition. For those who don't understand the reference, if a team mate reconnects to a match and was not revived by a new round starting, any team that revives a reconnected playing during an active round of competition will be immediately penalized after the round. If the player does not remove themselves from the round or does anything to tamper with the outcome of the round, the team is subject to immediate disqualification. If a player is accidentally revived and manages to avoid tampering, a stern warning will be given and no more leniency will be shown after that.

Account Sharing

5.0 ~ Foreign activity on a players account that does not match the registered owner or players who are unregistered in the event and are caught, will result in an entire series disqualification and statistics of the cheating team will be invalidated from that series. Any managers caught supporting this decision will also be terminated from their position and replaced.

Qualifications for Match Wins and Overtime

6.0 ~ All teams can win a match after 15 rounds of victory have been logged by a referee. If the score is 15-14, the match will be considered as O.T. (Overtime competition) and a team will only win after they have secured 2 victories in a row. Examples - 16-14 win, 17-15 win, 18-16 win, etc.

6.1 ~ A team will win a match series after they have won two matches in the best of 3 series. This can be done after the two teams traded wins, or what we like to call a "clean sweep" which is when you win both matches in a row that you need to beat the opposing team in the series.

Punishments for Violations

All of these rules are subject to be punishable by disqualification, invalidation of stats, and other consequences for violations. Most violations will be let off with an individual warning that will only be given once per violation per series. All punishments are subject to be handled differently then others and some will be handled more consistently depending on severity of said violation(s). The Staff team does not promise complete consistency but will do their upmost best to punish violators accordingly.

Final note: All rules not listed in this list that are in the Plazma Burst 2 code of conduct will still be enforced by staff chaperoning the event. All players are subject to Plazma League suspensions due to Plazma Burst 2 bans carried out by PB2 staff at any given time. Plazma League staff will not jail break players who break game rules to participate in PL.
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