Can a mute trigger be added for decors?

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Can a mute trigger be added for decors?

Postby Star Fox McCloud » 28 April 2020, 02:02

Like the title says, it’s pretty annoying hearing the gravitater sounds when I played on approved maps. Especially when there is more than 2 in a map. if this can’t be an option why not in the game settings?

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Re: Can a mute trigger be added for decors?

Postby Girl_Power » 1 May 2020, 23:23

Ooh good idea. I know there is a trigger to mute moving doors but decors such as the floor gravitators... I'm not sure then. I think this may also affect approved map gameplay.
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Re: Can a mute trigger be added for decors?

Postby yi en » 23 May 2020, 07:30

yep. currently a lot of mapping artist just given up using the anti-gravity because of the noise causing and the nobase engine mark doesn't even mute that thing.

Good idea.
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