Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Zufix » 4 December 2016, 18:41

Hmm, maybe add weather like storm, rain, fog? Add lava for like maybe volcano-themed maps? Add paintings! With pictures you can post with the url.. (Probably hard to make, and might be abused.. But come on, who doesnt like paintings with cute kitties?) That is all I cant think of.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby silencehunter » 30 January 2017, 10:55

What i would like too see is, when i test a map i want to have a option to see regions like when i set move regio A too B i have no idea excactly where in Region B it will end up, so i option to see regions intesting fases would be nice.

PS i haven't read the tread it might already be suggested.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby lobo branco » 3 March 2017, 06:46

Vehicles :

- "bomber" (futuristc like a Space ship or anything)
-tanks or more batle vehicles (with futuristc style)
-new walkers types


-iron spikes
-fake surface like grass or snow


-blood in the background and ground that we can put

Well its all that i have on my mind today,Sorry... :/
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Starwars7 » 28 May 2017, 15:43

Before you read this, you must understand that I have nothing but respect for PB2 and its creators, and that the good outweighs the bad. But more than half of my points are criticisms. Well, here I go.

Battlescene Gore

Spoiler: Show More
I've always thought it would be good if we could have corpses (and no, I am not a psychopathic murderer). For instance, say you spawn a character with 0 health. Well, then that character is sort of half crouching, half slouching. But, you could have a corpse decoration, with settings to decide what character's corpse it is, and if they have been dismembered, as well as if the corpse can be further damaged (with blood effects, of course) by the environment, players, enemies, etc. I've seen maps where the player has one of those "what happened here" moments, but all the bodies are crouch-slouching and it pretty much ruins the map. Also, maybe a few different blood stain models to decorate the walls and floor.

Minor Background Thing

Spoiler: Show More
The backgrounds are really nice, but I wish they moved. Not much, but some very slow movement. Like if you are in a moving-block spaceship with the stars slowly moving past.


Spoiler: Show More
One thing that's annoyed me about the trigger item is that there is no good way to move a push area. There should be a trigger option for that. Also, most things are grouped, but saw makers and modgun makers have always had the problem that the movable and gun options are spread out semi-randomly around the list. I make both, so I'd love to see that in the level editor. Also: Firerate. Really, what modgun mapmaker hasn't thought: "Well, I love the model of the <insert gun here>, but I have to use <insert other gun here> with its projectiles because I can't make it shoot <faster/slower>"? Also, let the mapmaker mod swords. You wouldn't really be able to do much, but a damage mod setting, slash rate, and maybe length to a certain extent would really help. And before anyone asks, I don't know if the options would be in the gun category or just a new sword category. Honestly, it doesn't matter much to me.

Weather (Very Important)

Spoiler: Show More
I love the snow option, because it is just such a cool effect. But, war movies almost always have that scene with heavy rain. So, I'd like to see fog, hail, light rain, and heavy rain make an appearance in PB2. Also, logic moment: Precipitation needs clouds. Clouds diminish sunlight. So, for all precipitation options, make the natural light level a little darker. Not enough to hinder gameplay, but enough to be realistic.


Spoiler: Show More
The option for customizing all water and/or acid is great, my lasertag map has a ladder-shaped water area called "ladder" that really helps the map. But, what if you are on another planet (as in, moon water) and you also want a ladder? The option mentioned above should stay, but you should be able to individually customize water areas and acid areas.

FTTP Stuff

Spoiler: Show More
And then, there are a few FTTP things I liked. The Falkoks had jetpacks, which was really annoying at times, but I'd like two new characters: Falkok (jetpack) and Phoenix Falkok (jetpack), as well as the Falkok color models with jetpack options. In other words, a non-required option. Some of my maps would be horrible if the Falkoks had jetpacks, but I miss killing an enemy and watching him slide across the ground and faceplant into a wall. Also, the dual pistols were really cool. But, you could probably only have either dual pistols or one pistol, because the whole numpad is used up already. Maybe you could pick up a second pistol and get dual pistols? Like, a starting pistol and a CS pistol. And, FTTP had ammo casings bouncing around the ground. The noise got on my nerves sometimes, so maybe less volume, but also let the casings stay on the ground and let the mapmaker place them as decoration.

Very Short, but Very Logical

Spoiler: Show More
And then, a complaint about the decorations: The decoration icon is a tree. Give us trees.

Systems of Triggers

Spoiler: Show More
There is a complex system of triggers possible that make you do multiple things before an event happens. Why can't there be some option for that? I'd like to be able to kill three enemies to open a door without having three doors on top of each other.


Spoiler: Show More
Finally, a complaint only the most OCD of you will care about. Why is there no solid black background? Why no Usurpation Brick walls? Why do the sand and grass have black below them instead of more sand or dirt? Why are there not movable backgrounds? Why can't we have a window background, instead of just "shadow only" or no background? And, why do we not have sand backgrounds, grass backgrounds, concrete backgrounds, or walls for all those backgrounds we don't have walls for yet? OCD, OCD, OCD.

I know this seems like a run-on comment about Plazma Burst 2 having many flaws, but like I said at the start, the good outweighs the bad, and the potential outweighs both. I love this game, so don't get me wrong. Just consider this to be constructive criticism. Also, sorry this is such a massive comment. I'm just one of those people who has very little to say unless it's a topic I am passionate about, and then I have too much to say.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby lrv » 6 July 2017, 18:04

The dummy character(a charcer you can upload dcustom texture for). The same for weapons too.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Eternal Dorkness » 13 August 2017, 17:24

I would love to see Abilities added to the LE, like a Falkonian jetpack. Of course, you have to give these abilities to specific Players/Enemies. However, you can't give an enemy Slow Motion, and you can't give anyone Slow Motion if there's more than one Player. Here's my list.

Jetpack: Allows the wearer to float in the air and fly around. Floating doesn't cost energy, but causes it to not regen either. Flying costs energy, but is a great way to get around quick.

Soundwave: Causes the user to emit an extremely high frequency soundwave, launching any nearby enemies away and disarming them. Costs all your energy, and has a 10 second delay before you start regenerating energy.

Grapple: Equips the wearer with the ability to launch a rope that can be climbed, swung, and pulled if you hit an enemy. Every grapple shot costs 25 energy, and you only regenerate when you run out. Pulling an enemy causes them to instantly ragdoll and be pulled towards you, allowing for easy execution with your swords.

Scanning Visor: Allows the user to find breakable walls/doors, detect Ghosts, and see the ammo left for enemies. Whilst using this, however, your energy drains very fast. Use it wisely, because your energy only regenerates when you are being damaged by energy weapons, electrical damage, etc.

Aiming Visor: Causes the wearer to see the possible path of the bullets of a weapon, see the radius of an explosive, and know how much damage their weapon could deal to a specific part of an enemy by hovering over part of them.
Careful, it also drains about as fast as the Scanning Visor, but you only regenerate energy from kills instead.

Medic Visor: Makes the user be able to see how much health an enemy has in number form, see how much damage is dealt to anyone, and see how damaged certain parts of an enemy is (blue hue is high health, red hue is low health). Once again, drains fast, but you need to use the Defibrillator on you or your allies when low on health to regenerate.

I would also like to see corpses implemented, with the ability to be put into specific poses. Another thing I would like is the ability to change how long a rope is in the level editor. To balance this out, I would also like it so you can change certain aspects of other things listed under Vehicles. For example, you can change how many pixels away from the ground a Life Capsule will be before it deploys a parachute (0 for not deploying one), or how big a crate is, or how many players/enemies a Rover can contain. The list goes on, but you get the idea.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby jkl 9 » 28 February 2018, 01:57

my idea is: doors, barriers, windows, and iff you could add glass as a dercoration or background?

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby THE SLAYER AYOUB » 28 February 2018, 09:58

Can you add thunder and lightening effects in engine mark which enables the effect at the map ?

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby deadturn » 23 March 2018, 00:23

We have a teleporter for people, but when you try teleporting a person IN a vehicle, it teleports the person but leaves you on the screen and control of the vehicle. so please, add a trigger that teleports vehicles.

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby SecretShadowCode » 22 April 2018, 11:11

I do not understand why i am here.
Just scrolling through the forum.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby DoomWrath » 22 April 2018, 16:45

SecretShadowCode wrote:I do not understand why i am here.
Just scrolling through the forum.

Please do not freepost/spam post. Please check this topic out: viewtopic.php?f=150&t=17609
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby ST-117985 » 10 July 2018, 05:31

since the Staff add some new guns why not add some new allies and add delete button in Map Editor because
i cant delete some walls and stuff so i use my keyboard to delete it. ^_^
Eh, meh. Alright lets go.
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RE deleted

Postby Niglet » 19 July 2018, 16:27

Re deleted
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Lord Russia Tachanka » 19 July 2018, 18:52

Add ice as a wall tool.

Ice material can make players have a chance to fall, ice when broken can generate some water.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Doomreaper001 » 28 November 2018, 04:52

Trigger functions.
1. Gun > Change Gun "A" name to "B"
2. Gun > Change Gun "A" bullet speed to value "B"
3. Gun > Change Gun "A" bullet penetration factor to value "B"
4. Gun > Change Gun "A" max bullet life value to value "B"
5. Gun > Change Gun "A" damage to "B"
6. Gun > Change Gun "A" damage to value of variable "B"

I know 5. and 6. act like the "power" function, but the thing about power functions is that they alter elements such as explosion radius, penetration, and speed(?). With the Gun damage function, players can change gun damage without worrying about changing other factors of the gun.
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby labianluozhi » 27 February 2019, 11:10

I want ai to be more smart. When enemies find you on a wall that above them, they should try to jump or climb on it instead of moving under the wall like bees without head .

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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby evgeniy74 » 5 September 2019, 05:17

Weather? Day and Night Cycle enabled with engine mark

Killing Thunder And Cold Rain
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Re: Level Editor Ideas (cosmetic)

Postby Kyb » 13 November 2021, 22:25

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before but, you could add different layers in map editor. For example, say if you have a segment of a saw map/pixel art/etc... you can edit the layer of that part to (for example,) layer 1. I think it would be useful in terms of finding where different groups of triggers are and differentiating them from each other.
This can also be useful for people who want to animate stuff in pb2.
There is also an idea to create a trigger that allows layer movement to a region. But I guess you can just attach the stuff to a movement block and continue from there.
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