Team shooting system (HL2)

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Team shooting system (HL2)

Postby ziomke » 23 September 2019, 16:51

I thinked that Combine soldiers' behavior is pretty neat. Because we will have reloading system in PB2.5 and in HL2 when a Combine reloads, he retreats to nearest cover while the rest of soldiers would shoot (ofc in PB2.5 only when the ai characters are in one team). This would make the actors a bit better.
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Re: Team shooting system (HL2)

Postby Jason Eden » 23 September 2019, 17:01

Yeah, adding more realism is always a good idea. AI in PB2 is retarded even on high level of difficulty. That "one man army" thing where you just go forward killing everyone with no problem should be gone.
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Re: Team shooting system (HL2)

Postby Incompetence » 23 September 2019, 21:34

combine ai works differently from pb2 ai because hl2's ai is generally more developed and complex. in source, maps have ai node paths, where ai entities follow these said paths. it uses nodegraphs made up of nodes (certain nodes have hints to tell ai that a specific spot is safe to crouch at) which is how they can identify cover and know where to go. pb2 doesn't seem to follow this type of complex pathing from what i see; hl2/source's ai pathing can be visualized more like a web while pb2, due to being 2d, can't. pb2 isn't like source where you can make your own specific ai pathing for specific maps and have nodes that tell the ai specific things, the ai will just try to figure out where to go and follow basic general paths. it won't know what "cover" is as well as the combine would unless there is a node/point behind the cover that tells the ai to crouch there or hide behind

it'd be good to have but pb2's ai needs to be less simplistic to really allow for that type of behavior.
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