Splash damage for upgrade 3 guns

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Splash damage for upgrade 3 guns

Postby BlasterCat » 31 August 2021, 15:08

If its upgraded,the bullet if touching wall (except alive entities like vehicles,players and everything but not walls)instead of just hitting it, the sides of the bullet will little "broke" causing splash damage around the bullet
If its launcher-like or plasma guns it will not work,only for pistols,rifles,shotguns and snipers,instead it will bigger 0.3x splash damage caused by launcher-like and plasma guns.
With the alive entities it will act like a normal bullet if its not launcher-like and plasma guns,if its hit by them,no boost to the normal splash damage will be.

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Re: Splash damage for upgrade 3 guns

Postby the guard2 » 13 September 2021, 12:13

Translation: Bullets that hit platforms/walls become splinter-like to perform additional damage (0.3x more dmg) , with this "ability" for level 3 guns.

Sounds pretty cool, was hoping for more campaign updates..

I like the idea that last level upgrades could provide special effects, for example, dependent on the weapon: Homing, vampiric (leeches hp - nice final upgrade for defib), poison??, bounce (increased lifespan of the bullet upon deflection or increase in deflection chance)....I could think of more but I don't think it'll change anything so I'll end it here

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