Pb2.5 forum uses MyBB

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Re: Pb2.5 forum uses MyBB

Postby DoomWrath » 7 January 2016, 23:04

We had a look at it, but the setup was a right pain in the ass, and it offered less features than the latest phpBB versions. Tempus and I have worked with phpBB a lot now, so we know what we're doing with it and can produce a much better forum with phpBB than we could with MyBB (due to it being new).

Looking clean is 100% based off the design used with the software, and not a MyBB versus phpBB thing.
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Re: Pb2.5 forum uses MyBB

Postby Hikarikaze » 7 January 2016, 23:17

Can we not switch forums or whatever for the trillionth time now? The last few forums are evidence enough that we don't need a different forum apart from this to do the same thing we're all already doing here.

Save the unnecessary work for something else. Just use this for PB2.5.
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Re: Pb2.5 forum uses MyBB

Postby strato026 » 17 July 2021, 23:11

I know this is a really old one but I think MyBB is more bloated than phpBB. phpBB is simple and clean, it is good for the server too I guess.
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