PB2 Official Discord Feedback Thread

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PB2 Official Discord Feedback Thread

Postby DoomWrath » 15 July 2017, 19:14

This is a feedback thread for the PB2 Official Discord Server. Let us know how you feel.
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Re: PB2 Official Discord Feedback Thread

Postby Roxxar » 15 July 2017, 23:48

I'm glad you fixed the sort-of-issue where the bot deleted posts that were basically more than a sentence and a half. I'm still a bit salty that the profanity filter is still in-place, but I suppose that's not up for debate.

In the #chatroom-general-main/alt, I would prefer if members (considering how they are verified) are able to attach files/links/embeds, which they cannot do now. Not only can we share files from our storages easily without the hassle of having to rely on other image hosting services, but it's much more convenient when taking screenshots (for example, with Lightshot) to simply copy and paste the image as opposed to uploading it and posting the link instead.

Also, the voice chats are currently a bit confusing and over-categorized. For example, here is the list of voice channels. Those in red, I believe, are absolutely and completely unnecessary. I do not think it is at all even relevant to have categorizing voice chats when the voice chats themselves are labeled; the players can distinguish the chats themselves, and there are no need for actual categories for them.

Those in yellow may be unnecessary simply due to a lack of actual game activity. In most cases (or at least in my experience so far in the past day in this Discord and basically every other Discord I've been in), people would rather prefer to just be in the General voice channel unless there are very specific circumstances. Even the morning as of when I'm posting this, we had Warframe players, a PB2 lobby, and some other media/memers all in the General voice channel. In essence, the extra voice channels as of now are [and I would still expect them in the future to be] unnecessary clutter.

TL;DR - profanity filter is kinda dumb imo, most voice channels seem unnecessary as of now, overall pretty standard server so far
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Re: PB2 Official Discord Feedback Thread

Postby IcYiGodZ » 15 July 2017, 23:53

well my idea was to have washington and european union channels with ranked, unranked, and custom maps. To make things easier while playing with other people.

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Re: PB2 Official Discord Feedback Thread

Postby mrblake213 » 16 July 2017, 08:39

In my opinion the current state of the server is fine for now.

It just needs a little more tweaking and moderation.
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