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Chat on Formulas!

Postby _ReX » 26 February 2017, 04:20

I think Pb2 should move it's chat on the formulas because, I know a clan named [GeNo], they have they're own formulas to but expect with chat on it. It seems pretty cool because, think about it. If Pb2 were to add its chat on the formulas you could browse online at the same time, chat with the people in pb2 instead of switching back and fourth on tabs. Did you know that the more tabs opened you have the more lag there will be? Well by doing this will be worth it. :D Not to mention as well, when I go on formulas I don't see a lot of people on it expect all the community members of this game and like no more than 5 players online browsing but, with chat on formulas. Then the population of people here will rise. To put this also out, I don't think no one realizes formulas is even here so by boosting chat this is also good so players will be curious of whats new around here and share more ideas! :D 8)

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