4 ideas

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4 ideas

Postby filopatir » 7 March 2016, 18:40

I post this before but noone have replied on it and it wasnt in update ideas so i posted it again here
I will talk about Karma system 1- Some poeple decreases and increases without specific reasons

2- I cant decrease another person with a specific reason with 10 Karma also i
cant add karma to a one who got less than 10 karma

3- Ban is easier than decreasing Karma

Languages : symbols disallowed and it isnt another langauges
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Welcome msg: add option for users to disable it because we already read it.

BBcodes : There only 2 so please add them :l

Choose who are you . Not to let other choose you
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Re: 4 ideas

Postby shadowstorm122 » 8 March 2016, 05:12

1.You don't need a reason to increase someones karma also they will get dealt with if they don't give a reason for decreasing.
2. If you had 10 karma and gave a point away you wouldn't be able to talk.
3.Moderators can mute people and decrease their karma.

Second- You dont need every single alt code on the chat its meant for talking not spamming ascii art.
Third- Its there to remind you of the rules.
Fourth- Not really needed also this can relate to second point.
Probably forgotten.
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