Some of my artwork [Woozworld Origins]

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Some of my artwork [Woozworld Origins]

Postby ilijah999 » 3 December 2015, 15:32

All of the artwork below was created by me! I am working on a comic book called the Woozworld Origins, and I the artwork below is all based on it. If you wanna see more of my artwork check out my deviantart page:

(If that link isn't allowed tell me and I'll remove it.)

Comic Book artwork:

Lily Wooz artwork:

Penny Penn (All hope gone) artwork:

Novian Knight vs Goldie Martha artwork:

Deadmau artwork:

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Re: Some of my artwork [Woozworld Origins]

Postby guest-electric fish » 3 December 2015, 15:37

Bravo and it is awesome =D
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Re: Some of my artwork [Woozworld Origins]

Postby mingo1 » 4 December 2015, 09:43

Exactly as my friend said above, bravo.

Definitely deserves some claps, keep at it man!

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