Information for this Section!

This is a place to show the community any other artwork!

Information for this Section!

Postby DoomWrath » 30 October 2015, 00:24


We have decided to allow you to share any other artwork that you have created. We only ask that you are mature and responsible with this forum section and use it to the best of its purpose.

Bear in mind, the following rules apply:
- Do not advertise - this is not the place to plug your youtube channel/website
- Do not upload/share work that is not yours without written permission
- It must not be inappropriate. While the stark naked human figure may be artistic, it is not appropriate here
- Your posted work must have taken considerable time/effort to produce. A 2 minute MS-Paint flower is a freepost. A photo of a brick is not modern art.

If posting an image:
You must post the image straight onto the topic, or a direct image link should the image be too large for the forums. Do not post links to entire websites under the premise of sharing art - this is advertising.

If posting a written piece:
You must paste/import it straight to the forums, rather than providing a link to it, with the exception of works too large to fit into a single post.
If the work is too large for one post, and you reach the character limit, you are permitted to double-post.

If posting a video:
The video must not be an advertisement for another product or service.
You can either embed the video on the topic or provide a link to it.
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