【Montage】 Escape from prison

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【Montage】 Escape from prison

Postby yi en » 10 September 2018, 06:08

.: A Tale of escapist :.
aka " the first montage video of Escape from prison is already few years ago "

Part 1:

Part 2:

For now, the montage is accepting new prison submissions for our 3rd montage!
and we will promise that montage will be 300% better than last 2 prisons!
( same prison map submission from that video is ok )
    - any prison maps do you want to show off?
    - or any cops that are too stubborn to let you escape from prison?
    - or any map mechanism is too clever that the prisoner couldn't understand how to escape?
every playable prison map are welcomed to comment it here. Then we will analyse every single prison map to make a good escape montage.

map submissions format:
Code: Select all
Map name:
Map id:
Map page:
Brief description:
why you recommend this map:

current map submissions:
Spoiler: Show More
seems nothing. You may become the first one to submit your/other people prison maps!
more people submissions the same map = more likely to coming out.

when we got enough number of submissions, we will going to make the video ASAP.
thanks for reading and if this topic shouldn't be this place, moderators can help me move the section. Thanks.
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