Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

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Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

Postby eru_ » 28 May 2018, 02:58
It's actually old and bad but that's my first rap
I'd rather be badly criticized by a grown up dude rather than being complimented by a braindead...
Do never hesitate to feedback, but don't be sarcastic please !
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

Postby phsc » 26 June 2018, 00:06

this is my favorite song now eru_
its so great!
such a great rythm, beat, such a complex melody, i mean you can see the clear influence from the late germanic baroque with the use of counterpoint and even some jazz improvisation in there
and it doenst matter what you think, its amazing, just the fact taht it was made by you makes it amazing, keep going, and make more please!
the lyrics are deep and warm, makes me think of home, which has everything to do with pb2, as i play pb2 in my home
i think you should use it as a soundtrack for your great games, which are even better than pb2 itself!
just make more please, people in a general way tend to say eminem is the only good rapper, that changed my opinion, youre the only good rapper
now don't give up, and do more! now!
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

Postby Hikarikaze » 27 June 2018, 01:00

So when can I expect the English version of this masterpiece?
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

Postby phsc » 27 June 2018, 19:09


In the Morning
In the night
Masters wont me for a fight
Here i come allright
They remind me of my wife
This is what all i might
getting shot and lost my hand
Getting broken and breake my chest
Ge geting sniped in my head
and maybe lost my deck
Am fighting in the space
in the air
in the sea
Whatever can it be
Here is my armor as you see
it's really full of 3A steel
Rifle Rounds Make me bleed

In the Morning : as Morning starts with a big M in your face, it means its an alive being
In the night : considering what happens with Morning, with the M, you can see there is no such thing as nights in tunisia
Masters wont me for a fight : hes clearly talking about how MLG COOL DOMINIK and ERU won't challange him, clearly not a modernistic-misspelation of want, as hes ALWAYS right
Here i come allright: you can see, hes ALWAYS right, hes coming, and as hes always right, hes right, not left, clearly
They remind me of my wife : you can see he misses his anime waifu printed in his wonderful anime body pillow
This is what all i might : a fedora, because hes a neckbeard
getting shot and lost my hand : he was playing poker! because he uses a fedora! so hes a 50% neckbeard
Getting broken and breake my chest : he has tuberculosis and pneumonia and lung cancer, but he was playing minecraft and broke his cobblestone chest, so he has to pick everything!
Ge geting sniped in my head : so he had an imaginary friend called Ge, which was in his head, when he got shot, he didnt, but Ge was, becauseh e realized hes such a neckbeard and he cant live like that
and maybe lost my deck : so he goes around raping and murdering people, but then lost his powers!
Am fighting in the space: Am is an abbreviation of Amadeus, and clearly, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, because that song is better than any piece ever made by Mozart, because mozart sux!!1 and he threw all the works of mozart into space!
in the sea: hes talking about how he plays a fat beckbeard in sea of thieves
Whatever can it be: exactly, acn confirm
Here is my armor as you see: ANOTHER PROOF HES A NECKBEARD, he has an armor, that means he prob has a katana or smth, or maybe its just his anime body pillow protecting him
it's really full of 3A steel: hes talking about triple A games, like... sea of thieves!
Rifle Rounds Make me bleed: he shot into the ground and a impossible ricochet happened making so he died, losing his neckbeard powers! ( BUT ALSO MAYBE MORNING KILLS HIM WHEN IT COMES BACK AS NIGHTS IN TUNISIA ARE NON EXISTENT )

you can see how much of a social critic this is and how amazing eru is at making lyrics
now into the music itself
you can see hes a master of percussion instruments
theres a single note played in a violin, probably a semibreve i think its a whole note in american english but as im brazilian and here we speak portuguese we call that a... semibreve! as the songs quality is really high, i cant use my synesthesic gods ear power to understand what note that is, but id say its a E#
then you can see its just drums, because hes a percussion master
there are a few effects which i cant hear because his vocals are sick! like he needs to take vitamins or smth
actually id say its a electric piano doing some notes but i cant hear them because he screams more than any death metal vocalist ive heard
and thats it, you can see how his melody is very complex, and as i said, influenced the late germanic baroque, mostly the couterpointistic fugues a lot, and has a big disrespect for mozart, because classicism went after baroque, and he really likes baroque
and that is it, my professional grade analysis, great song!
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Re: Plazma Burst 2 - FAN MADE RAP

Postby Incompetence » 28 June 2018, 01:45

this cadence is fire. op clearly has that hawaii lava flow. out here murdering the rap game

thank you to genius for explaining these god gifted lyrics
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