Plazma Burst Fanmade Animation Short film

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Plazma Burst Fanmade Animation Short film

Postby eru_ » 26 May 2018, 12:26

Hey guys here is my vid
please tell me what it lack of
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Re: Plazma Burst Fanmade Animation Short film

Postby Kostadin 8 » 27 May 2018, 00:32

It's clickbait, it's not an animation. It's a slideshow in reality
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Re: Plazma Burst Fanmade Animation Short film

Postby Hikarikaze » 27 May 2018, 01:07

The choppy animation and low FPS both don't do the video any good. Proper animation even at the industry standard of 24 FPS usually requires thousands of pictures/frames to be drawn, even for scenes spanning around 5 seconds, with the exception being scenes where nothing really moves. This seems rushed just from the low FPS alone

Not to mention facial expressions are just static and movement practically doesn't exist for any of the character's body parts. Practice some more and take your time. Animation is supposed to take a long time and there are no shortcuts to it
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Re: Plazma Burst Fanmade Animation Short film

Postby Player_PB2 » 30 May 2018, 09:00

don't rush B, slow down
start off something simple, like stick figure animations, simple but amazing [censored].
once the animations get smoother, try making some better art
COMBINE DEM AND VOILA[trademark thing here], now that's cool
(wait, did i repeat hik's post? oh well....)
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