PB2 Meme Video! NEW!

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PB2 Meme Video! NEW!

Postby VerifirsPzkM2 » 9 February 2017, 07:54

I have decided to create a PB2 Hitler Reacts video. First, some terms out of the way:

Materpvpman: An inside joke in GSA - imagine a wannabe Max teabag.
Axel: A guest in GSA who is a pretty good player.
Jonb7: A GSA member who does not like the Materpvpman meme.
EKAT: Legendary clan that GSA warred for years.

Now that all the explaining is out of the way, here's the video:

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Re: PB2 Meme Video! NEW!

Postby Player_PB2 » 12 August 2017, 10:59

the video is working fine in youtube, but not in the forums
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