Notice: Still Art Forum Section Clarifications

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Notice: Still Art Forum Section Clarifications

Postby DoomWrath » 2 April 2018, 14:13

Hello Community,

This is just a quick note to those who use the "Still Art" subsection of the Plazma Burst Fan Art board: The "Still Art" section is only for posting still art relating to Plazma Burst. This includes any renditions or fan art of anything relating to Plazma Burst, or any content you have created for Plazma Burst - such as new scenery, skins, or weapons - on the condition that these are your own original content, and not traced or copied from other sources.

You're more than welcome to show us that cool M4A1 or AKM you drew, but it belongs in the "Other Art" section. The "Other Art" section is for artwork created by the community, though not related to Plazma Burst.

Thank you for your attention,
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