ERT Combat battlesuit :/

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ERT Combat battlesuit :/

Postby broforce1 » 26 May 2021, 15:24
played a lot of sci fi 2D shooting games, so i drew this armor when i was bored... this time I'm making 2 art styles (raze_1) & (pb_2) (drawn in PB2 style then remade it in raze 1 style) it wasnt named ERT combat suit but i named it like this to fit raze soldier's armor timeline....

additionally, i have attempted to remake the raze soldier from raze 1 into PB2 art style:
it might look better but this is the best what i can do about his armor :l
raze 1 soldier armor's looks messed up anyway

Same thing with other variants (R2 & R3),
im working on raze 3 soldier armor but i might finish it' later
Patients is always de Key :P
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Re: ERT Combat battlesuit :/

Postby LazyRain » 3 June 2021, 16:58

Good skins. I like the 3rd one the most. You are definitely getting better at this. Also, I see you need you improve your skills of drawing in Inkscape.
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Re: ERT Combat battlesuit :/

Postby boom5 » 31 August 2021, 01:29

Holy crap my dude. These are amazing. I love these so much, you really out did yourself with this one. Any plans to do more of the characters, allies and enemies?
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Re: ERT Combat battlesuit :/

Postby nightmar » 4 September 2021, 12:15

That white suit in specific is badass.
How many bugs does this game have anyway? jeez
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