Some Guns

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Some Guns

Postby protagonist » 22 October 2019, 22:32

Made a few guns after I saw the new custom gun triggers. I'll be using most of these guns in future maps I'm making, but I figured it would be a good idea to give more details about them if someone wants to use them in their own maps.

CS Auto Railgun

Basically, it's supposed to perform like an alien pistol but on steroids. Perhaps the damage, spread, & ROF could be similar to the PHANX-92, except it fires rails of course.


Caseless AR

This design is based off the iconic G-11 caseless rifle, makes sense for such a design to be viable in the far future. Functionally it could share a lot with the ray rifle, except not as OP (0.9 damage, same spread & recoil, slightly lower ROF, possibly higher knockback).


Ranger LMG

As the name suggests, it's an LMG for the newly added ranger character, it's supposed to be more slow firing but much more damaging than the current LMGs in game. In theory its projectiles would do the same damage as an alien rifle, but that makes it pretty OP especially in a low HP setting, still nothing compared to CS weapons like the heavy railgun in my opinion.

I actually have a demonstration map for this gun: ... nist-test2



This gun is a pb2-ified version of a modernized AEK971. I changed & simplified a few things about the design, but overall kept it the same. I intended for it to be a very fast firing rifle used by whichever faction uses the AV-135.


That's all for now, I'll most likely update this thread with more guns when I have the time.

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Re: Some Guns

Postby Darnit525 » 23 October 2019, 10:46

you should make an open source test map with all of your custom guns on.
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Re: Some Guns

Postby boom5 » 23 October 2019, 20:58

This is some real good models. I would like them to put in the game officially, especially the Ranger LMG. I like the Idea that rank is into automatics.
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Re: Some Guns

Postby Kayao » 23 November 2019, 23:39

Really cool guns, i love them can you say where to draw a guns (what programm i need?)

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