BOSS FIGHT (new update)

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BOSS FIGHT (new update)

Postby Zibuya » 25 August 2021, 16:38

Map name: BOSS FIGHT

Map ID: zibuya-bossfight

Map description: Fight MACE from Intrusion 2 with other players!

This map took me about 4 weeks to finish, yet im starting to constantly update it.

If you see everything red on your screen, just wait 3-7 seconds. This is due to loading decorations.

Shoutout to nightmare for helping me getting used to to variables!

But the biggest shoutout im giving is to you guys. Thank you so so so much for playing this map, enjoying and having fun with it.

Also, thanks to mingo1 for hosting this map once.

Map Page Link:

Map Demo Link:

(main preview)

Tell me your opinion about this map! Make sure you check it out.

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Re: BOSS FIGHT (new update)

Postby destroyer_1 » 29 August 2021, 03:57

Bro, your an intrusion 2 fan too?


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