SLC Adventure Series!

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SLC Adventure Series!

Postby CarlyRaeJepsenStan » 22 March 2020, 03:57

Hey guys! First post here lol. I finished a set of maps called the SLC Adventure Series (duh) - they're supposed to finish what the SLC started in level 42 of the campaign. Check them out and rate 5 stars if you enjoyed:

SLC Adventure 1:
ID: `carlyraejepsenstan-slcadventure1`
Page link: ... adventure1
Instant demo: ... adventure1
Description: Wait, it was training?! Fight through the enemies to rescue the CS Boss!

SLC Adventure 2:
ID: `carlyraejepsenstan-slcadventure1`
Page link: ... adventure2
Instant Demo: ... adventure2
Description: Take a break from training and do your first real-world mission: recapturing the CS-Oligarch’s mansion.

SLC Adventure 3:
ID: `carlyraejepsenstan-slcadventure1`
Page link: ... adventure3
Demo: ... adventure3
Description: Attack the weapons factory!

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Re: SLC Adventure Series!

Postby Super Bird » 28 March 2020, 19:32

Doesnt fit the normal pb2 storyline - Why?Because you said: 'they're supposed to finish what the SLC started in level 42 of the campaign.'
Okay,will not count this as -
1) Flying walls with usurpers?Rly?
2) Flying walls at 2 level is not connected normally,it looks like unfinished.
3) Who will interest fly as corvette with infinite health and kill the army of usurpers
5 stars - 3 = 2 stars.

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