Team system (open source)

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Team system (open source)

Postby alj99 » 28 December 2019, 04:01

Map name: team system (open source)
Map id: alj99-team_system
there are 3 things there
1 is nothing
2 is a voluntary system
3 is a random team generator
Note: the designs are made for actors so u have to redesign it if you wan't to actually use it.
Map link: ... &id=964869
Instant demo link:

This design is not map heavy so you can (probably) use it on approved maps

Map is open source so you can use it as a reference

The description is over simplified go here for more details: viewtopic.php?f=126&t=23700
I am good when it comes to logistics in pb2. And i make maps with good concepts and i am not good with map design pls help

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