Guide To: Raw Gun Values

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Guide To: Raw Gun Values

Postby aOkay » 31 October 2021, 08:39

This is specifically for the function of "Spawn all guns stored in variable A at position of character B" I found it helped me a lot as I didn't need to store guns off map anymore and I could make infinite guns without cloning characters.

Details: You can't modify the guns much outside of their upgrade level/team specification.

Instructions on How to Use:
1.Set up a variable named something along the lines of "gunStored"
2.Set the value of variable "gunStored" to whatever gun(s) you want to store in there (list located below)
3.Use function spawn all weapons stored in variable "A" at position of character "B"
4.Substitute "A" with the gunStored value and substitute "B" with the character

Open-Source Map: aokay-test parkour

gun_rifle^0 (<- This number is the upgrade level)
gun_rifle^0^-1 (<- This number is the team for value, -1 means it is usable by everyone, 0 = alpha, 1 = beta, etc)
For multiple guns the "spliterator" is the semi-colon
Example: gun_rifle^0^-1;gun_pistol^0^-1;gun_shotgun^0^-1 will give me the marine rifle, pistol, and shotgun

Blue Energy Rifle: gun_rifle^0^-1
Red Energy Rifle: gun_rifle_b^0^-1
Blue Energy Pistol: gun_pistol^0^-1
Red Energy Pistol: gun_pistol_b^0^-1
CS Pistol: gun_pistol2^0^-1
Burst Rocket Launcher: gun_vehgun^0^-1
Gray Grenade Launcher: gun_gl^0^-1
Rocket Launcher: gun_rl^0^-1
Lite Railgun: gun_railgun^0^-1
Heavy Railgun: gun_railgun2^0^-1
Red Marine Shotgun: gun_shotgun^0^-1
Blue Marine Shotgun: gun_shotgun_b^0^-1
Usurpation Pistol: gun_apistol^0^-1
Usurpation Rifle: gun_arifle^0^-1
Usurpation Shotgun/Advanced Rifle: gun_arifle2^0^-1
Hound Walker Gun: gun_vehcannon^0^-1
Defib: gun_defibrillator^0^-1
CS-BNG (Nuke gun): gun_bfg^0^-1
Marine Ray Gun: gun_raygun^0^-1
Ray Rifle: gun_rayrifle^0^-1
Vehicle Minigun: gun_vehminigun_0^0^-1
Vehicle Grenade Launcher: gun_vehminigl^0^-1
CS Shotgun: gun_real_shotgun^0^-1
CS Rifle: gun_real_rifle^0^-1
Combat Rifle CS: gun_oicw^0^-1
Bubble Gun: gun_plasmagun^0^-1
Minigun: gun_minigun^0^-1
Virus Gun: gun_vgun^0^-1
CS Sniper: gun_sniper^0^-1
Portable Shield Nade (slot 7 version): gun_sp_sh^0^-1
Glock: gun_glock^0^-1
M4A1: gun_m4a1^0^-1
Pixel Rifle: gun_pixel_rifle^0^-1
Pixel Rocket Launcher: gun_pixel_rl^0^-1
Gauss Rifle: darkstar_1_gauss_rifle^0^-1
CP Assault Rifle: darkstar_1_assault_rifle^0^-1
CS LMG: darkstar_1_minigun^0^-1
Phanx Rifle: darkstar_1_phanx_rifle^0^-1
Usurpation Sniper: darkstar_1_usniper^0^-1
Needle Sniper: lostmydollar_needle^0^-1
AK/AV Rifle: lostmydollar_av135^0^-1
Autocannon (Vehicles): lazyrain_cannon^0^-1
Autocannon (Characters): lazyrain_cannon2^0^-1
Phantom Rifle: moonhawk_phantom^0^-1
Dark Phantom Rifle: moonhawk_phantom2^0^-1
Crossfire SMG: moonhawk_smg^0^-1
Falkok Pistol: roxxar_pistol^0^-1
Falkok Rifle: roxxar_rifle^0^-1
Falkok Sniper: roxxar_marksman_rifle^0^-1
Falkok Shotgun/Minelayer: roxxar_shotgun^0^-1
Energy Rifle: ditzy_energy_rifle^0^-1
Heavy Sniper Rifle: darkstar_1_cs_ragequit^0^-1
FTTP Vehicle Gun: gun_fttp_vehgun^0^-1
Tactical Rifle: incompetence_cr30^0^-1
Crossfire Vortex: moonhawk_crossfire^0^-1
Psi Cutter: lazyrain_psi_cutter^0^-1
Android Sniper: mrjaksnes_android_sniper^0^-1
Defib Gun: lazyrain_heal_pistol^0^-1
NXS25 Shotgun: thetoppestkek_shotgun_nxs25^0^-1
AUG: phsc_aug^0^-1
Alt-Railgun: moonhawk_railgun^0^-1
Dark Alt-Railgun: moonhawk_railgun2^0^-1
Archetype 27: incompetence_archetype_27xx^0^-1
Grenade Launcher: incompetence_glhf^0^-1
White Grenade Launcher: incompetence_glhf2^0^-1
CS Barrage Launcher: darkstar_1_owo_rl^0^-1
Yellow Falkok Anti-Gravity Launcher: lazyrain_gravy_rl^0^-1
Red Falkok Anti-Gravity Launcher: lazyrain_gravy_rl2^0^-1
Plasma Shotgun: phsc_plasma_shotgun^0^-1
CS IK Assault Rifle: ditzy_cs_ik^0^-1
Alt CS IK Assault Rifle: ditzy_cs_ik2^0^-1
Toxic Railgun: darkstar_1_railgun^0^-1
Blue Toxic Railgun: darkstar_1_railgun2^0^-1
Android Shotgun: phsc_android_shotgun^0^-1
Android Railgun: roxxar_android_railgun^0^-1
CR-54 Viper: phsc_ph01^0^-1
CR-54 Viper (Dark): phsc_ph01b^0^-1
Alien Rail Shotgun: darkstar_1_alien_rail_sg^0^-1
Bison LMG: darkstar_1_bison^0^-1
EOS Rocket Launcher: darkstar_1_rl^0^-1
Blue Marine Nade Launcher: darkstar_1_nade_c9^0^-1
Red Marine Nade Launcher: darkstar_1_nade_c9b^0^-1
Plazma SMG: lazyrain_plasma_smg^0^-1
Yellow Plazma SMG: lazyrain_plasma_smg2^0^-1
Acid Grenade Launcher: lazyrain_acid_gl^0^-1
Scavenger SMG: thetoppestkek_scavenger_sg^0^-1
Focus Beam: ditzy_focus_beam^0^-1
Invisible Gun: gun_invisgun^0^-1
Auto Shotgun: darkstar_1_auto_sg^0^-1
Revolver: boom5_revolver^0^-1
SHARK: gun_sharkgun^0^-1

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