can somebody help

can somebody help

Postby madgunner0293 » 8 December 2019, 15:02

i hope im posting this in the right place i almost never use the forums so i wouldn't know but im making a map right now and ive had this issue before say i want to have 2 npcs on a moving platform thats moving up they wont move up until they get in the players sight so npcs will stand on thin air if there are above the player until the npcs gets in the players sight please help me the map im making is gonna be a big one i hope and i want it to have things like npcs moving up on a moving platform
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Re: can somebody help

Postby Eric Gurt » 9 December 2019, 03:46

I believe map with ID eric gurt-fanart2019 might have trigger action that enables off-screen simulation with switch. You could enable it with timer in your case.
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