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US East

Postby Bloodshead Redra » 17 March 2020, 07:13

Ive Played Plazma Burst 2 for years and went inactive somewhere around 2017 I returned recently to find that the US East Server is gone. Im really hoping that this server could return because I cant play specific games notably sword game and can barely shoot without it I lag way too much in the other 2 serves

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Re: US East

Postby Girl_Power » 17 March 2020, 20:43

There are only two servers now: USA, California and Europe, Ukraine. I didn't know PB2 had an East US Server but I highly doubt it will be brought back. 1) It is expensive and complicated to set up again 2) It is unnecessary, why? Because PB2 has an average of around 100 players and most of the time, only the USA Server is active.

Eric Gurt once added the Universal Server which is basically both of the current servers combined, and in my opinion, it worked pretty well. There is still the old multiplayer server available if you finish the campaign but there are A TON of problems with it. (E.g; defibs no longer work, major lag sometimes, etc...) I'm pretty happy about how things are so far, and I feel it is unnecessary to bring back another server when the game is already so dead (c'mon guys, face the truth).

I hope I don't get banned after saying this game is dead...
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