Buffs and Effects!

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Buffs and Effects!

Postby wolf653 » 26 March 2020, 19:33

So i believe an interesting mechanic in the series would be buffs/effects i have even made a little "concept" map for this! i will list these buffs in more detail in the list below
    Adds a configurable amount of HP that won't regen and protects the player from actual damage the effect will shown by the player's torso being changed with a more protected looking version which will go away once said armor breaks (armor added is configurable)
    Self Explanatory it clones the intiatitor
    This will add the ghost effect temporarily to the intiatitor also reduces detection radius significantly for AI against that player
    Self Explanatory it heals them
    Slow Mode (multiplayer):
    a big factor for lag in MP is the game's speed this effect will temporarily set the game's speed to a configurable amount
    temporarily shrinks the player to half their size and halves their HP due to them being well harder to hit (size and hp change is configurable)
    temporarily enlarges the player to double their size and doubles their hp but makes them less mobile (again change is configurable)
    Temporarily makes the player more mobile and quick
    Temporarily zooms out the player's view
    temporarily changes the player's skin to the enemy for their perspective and yeah basically its a disguise that will be removed upon dealing damage or taking damage
Again the duration for these can be configurable VIA the level editor
here is the map ID that shows the concept for the buffs: wolf653-testing
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