what's wrong from suing any painting app software?

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what's wrong from suing any painting app software?

Postby broforce1 » 28 February 2020, 11:50

seriously what's the mistake from using any painting app software if you know how to draw perfectly and it has a transparent canvas, well I know that these cheap apps don't have a good performance, but imagine just you are going to download a very complicated app just to paint once, the difference is that the modern one has a better stuff and the cheap one that is available on the PC like MS paint, it doesn't have that much of the good stuff, these good apps are too hard to be downloaded and too complicated to trade with, and most of it must be purchased by money (Real $Money$ ), isn't stupid to buy something for a specific thing because some of them will use it and they don't know how to paint as well as these pro painters or at least those guys who can draw perfectly, any one can use any paint app softwares, but these very good painting app softwares are mosly or and speciealy made for pro painters.
and by the way, I Don't see any differences between them both if they have transparent canvas and at least can do a lot of advanced stuff, so if it's really was worth it use one but if it's not, don't use it cuz it's useless, some people will agree with me that there's no need for this painting app software and some people will disagree because they say that the good apps can have better quality, by the way, forget what I said from stupid essay, just always go to the better stuff
and it doesn't cost a lot of money, so I think u you can use any of them and that means that there are no mistakes from using any of them otherwise it's your opinion so yep what is your best advice for use?

you decide ;)
PB 2 is awesome.
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Re: what's wrong from suing any painting app software?

Postby IforgotmypasswordHaHAA » 29 February 2020, 07:55

People have already suggested you 2 FREE apps to draw better (inskape, GIMP), and honestly if you used anything that is not MSpaint to draw your works they would've looked better than they are now.

broforce1 wrote:these good apps are too hard to be downloaded

They are not. You download it, execute the file, and that's it. Where's the difficulty on that? At best you have to learn how to use the basics functions of the software, which personally it didn't take longer than 10 minutes to find and learn from a tutorial.
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Re: what's wrong from suing any painting app software?

Postby Ayano » 29 February 2020, 13:54

there isnt anything wrong with using MS Paint.
But there are better options out there which are also free.
im sure there are also like web-browser based editing sites out there.
Once you get to experiment with other features of other softwares, your work may improve overtime.
In the end there isn't a perfect painting software, since it all depends on the user.
People can make really good stuff just out of MSPaint already, but they can even make it better with other options/softwares available.
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