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Publish old maps

Postby Lord Blue Blood » 15 February 2020, 14:52

Does anyone here still around from the old days remembers xnx & ifakie's crazy maps that were unpublished by them for some reason since like 2013 ?

well xnx and ifakie left pb2 and they will probably never return.
so i ask the pb2 staff to publish their maps (if they weren't deleted) for the greater good and for the sake of nostalgia.
i know it sounds kinda unethical? but it doesnt harm anyone??

i also would like to point out something similar to this has happened before multiple times with raffine's map urbanwar which was copied and modified many times, with fightforthebase and realwar.
there's even an account named map which whole purpose is taking old maps, modifying them and publishing them which i appreciate.

(if this happens might as well publish other maps that i forgot or approve past approved maps like silent phoenix's and terabrion's)
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Re: Publish old maps

Postby ECC9 » 15 February 2020, 18:43

Staff will not publish peoples map without the map owner's permission.
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Re: Publish old maps

Postby Girl_Power » 15 February 2020, 21:48

ECC9 wrote:Staff will not publish peoples map without the map owner's permission.

ECC9 is 100% correct. For a map to be approved, you'll need the map owner's consent. Considering XnX and iFakie is gone for good, their maps will most likely never be approved. Sorry for the bad news.
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Re: Publish old maps

Postby IforgotmypasswordHaHAA » 16 February 2020, 04:51

Hopefully you'll find a way to contact them outside of the page, an e-mail or something
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