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Postby Walian11 » 4 November 2017, 15:48

The best 3 clans/groups in all of pb2 ever! Im curious to know what your thoughts are on this, feel free to share it here!
For me these are the top 3 clans based on skill, awesomeness, status, and personal relationship
Name yours here and tell me/us why youve chosen for your listed clans/groups

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Re: Clans?

Postby darkstar 1 » 4 November 2017, 17:54

1) Dark clan
2) Darker clan
3) Darkest clan

I must say the dark clan is the best clan and the two ripoffs are the only two that come close to the awesomeness of the dark clan. All the others are just wannabe dark clans cuz dark clan was the first clan ever and has the most members on pb2 (with their guest army and random people).

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Re: Clans?

Postby stormforce » 4 November 2017, 18:25

Okay I mean, not a lot of clans can be considered good. Theres no competition, really. Just have fun.

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Re: Clans?

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 4 November 2017, 19:25

EXtinction was/is the best,mainly because I am part of it
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Re: Clans?

Postby Ayano » 5 November 2017, 01:21

Basically what Darkstar said.
Dark Clan best clan.
They have a guest army!!!
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Re: Clans?

Postby Slashdown » 6 November 2017, 00:54

my take
im leaving groups out, clans only.

1) Wolflight
2) SS
3) BoZ

I enjoyed being a member of all 3. Good times.

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Re: Clans?

Postby Daydream » 6 November 2017, 01:08

3)16 percent

Dark clan is to good to be in this list

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Re: Clans?

Postby wreak » 6 November 2017, 05:27

1. BoZ
2. BOA (bias much)
3. GSA

Not to be rude but I am glad no one said USF or any other clan that became popular less than a year ago.
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Re: Clans?

Postby lostmydollar » 6 November 2017, 08:36

GSA, EKAT and BoZ. Too bad they are dead/inactive just like the rest of the community

My number one would be GSA. Was a part of it a few years ago. It was pretty fun to come across every map and kill everybody. It reminds me of Enclave from Fallout series for some reason
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Re: Clans?

Postby wreak » 7 November 2017, 00:07

lostmydollar wrote:GSA, EKAT and BoZ. Too bad they are dead/inactive just like the rest of the community

My number one would be GSA. Was a part of it a few years ago. It was pretty fun to come across every map and kill everybody. It reminds me of Enclave from Fallout series for some reason

GSA is still active last time I checked. They just don't play pb2 anymore.
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Re: Clans?

Postby Xsmithie » 9 November 2017, 04:17

BoZ. Just because we moved on from PB2 doesn't mean we are dead. Occasionally we have voice chat nights when... you know... we aren't busy with life. We're still fairly active on other games such as LoL or cs:go but 98% of our members moved on as PB2 simply isn't exciting anymore.
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Re: Clans?

Postby mingo1 » 9 November 2017, 05:12

I know it says 3, but I'll name one I think is straight-up the best: Apex.

My God, they were always SO chill and knew how to have fun when they were alive. Most positive chemistry I've seen in any clan too; I don't remember them having any conflict or beef with anyone else.

Great clan

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Re: Clans?

Postby Purple Monster » 12 November 2017, 09:43

1. Light Clan
2. Dark Clan (as everyone knows)
3. FAKE Argentina

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Re: Clans?

Postby Dariy » 12 November 2017, 10:58


I've been in many clans, but these are the ones that I actually enjoyed being a part of (except for EXtinction, I was never a member in that one just used to hang out there a lot).
In no particular order*
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Postby GS_FSS » 29 November 2019, 10:12

Do clan exist?

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Re: Clans?

Postby Xier44 » 29 November 2019, 17:23

1) Nephilim
3) YrN
And the noob clan is GeNo

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Re: Clans?

Postby Kostadin 8 » 29 November 2019, 23:06


This list has always been my top 3 since 2016
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Re: Clans?

Postby Elitech » 29 November 2019, 23:29

عندما يريد العالم أن ‪يتكلّم ‬ ، فهو يتحدّث بلغة يونيكود. تسجّل الآن لحضور المؤتمر الدولي العاشر ليونيكود ، الذي سيعقد فيSeptember-11 آذار 2001 بمدينة مَايِنْتْس، ألمانيا. و سيجمع المؤتمر بين خبراء من كافة قطاعات الصناعة على الشبكة العالمية انترنيت ويونيكود، حيث ستتم، على الصعيدين الدولي والمحلي على حد سواء مناقشة سبل استخدام يونكود في النظم القائمة وفيما يخص التطبيقات الحاسوبية، الخطوط، تصميم
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Re: Clans?

Postby phsc » 29 November 2019, 23:59

fr in all my years of pb2 theres just two clans i really remember a lot about, BoZ and EKAT, both very different in very different times, EKAT probably suffers a lot from nostalgia or whatever, not directly because of EKAT itself but the given context, BoZ also probably suffers from that in my memory but only the early times, later on meh i wouldnt say it is or became a bad clan but mostly that i never was the best fit for it but that kept growing

but trying to be more objective, BoZ as in, content, is probably the best clan, generally speaking the best players considering a an average per era, totals and whatever is the era one would say it peaked at, also very well organized, well defined rules and structure, considering all clans i have been in, the best at that, also of course the recruiting process which was constantly made easier with time i would say, less skill-oriented and more personality-oriented which as a whole is easier i would say, kinda inactive at times, unsure about how they are doing now, had interesting things n events n all

but then, by size, relative to PB2 population i would have to say DARK CLAN or GSA, but then there is not really much data to be talked about, paulstin does it and DARK CLAN has had very high daily numbers but then i do not know the totals for PB2 daily and how much paulstins data is trustworthy but i wouldnt say hes lying, GSA was just big

btw Elitech you are using a bunch of fallacies as your "reasoning":

"My reasoning behind this is very complicated" -> first you say that with no definition of why that is complicated and according to what youve said it is not very complicated but this mostly works towards helping later on on being like "this is just too much stuff or too complex or it would be too much work" or whatever which is p clearly a fallacy
a good example of the same being applied in another case is:
"There's a tonne of reasons why the earth is flat but it'd take me 3 days to write that stuff out."

"So much goes on behind the scenes, that no non-member can even imagine. I witnessed this first-hand and it is just amazing. Their (our) synergy was fantastic, they (we) were and still are the most mature clan I have ever seen in my life." -> what things go behind the scene? if i cannot imagine then tell me things i can imagine!

"Biohazard doesn't even come close." with "I was in Biohazard for 4 weeks (both my stays combined) so I don't really know what stuff goes on behind the scenes." -> why does not BoZ even come close? when did you join BoZ? what era? generation? same applies for GeNo, why is GeNo more mature than BoZ? you keep saying that "the result is 4" while not doing the actual important part that implies the result that being using the mostly accepted axioms for math "2+2" etc

anyway not like this isnt arbitrary as deliciously exquisite pizza sauce as a whole but with what i know about GeNo i got to say BoZ first

also i dont really get why people think "chill" is such a positive trait

but then what even is a clan? if i had to pick a group of people i truly enjoyed and enjoy talking to and doing things with, it for sure would be Cult of USE or ditzys server or whatever, by far the nicest, i mean it did change a lot and one couldnt even call it an official clan but then, considering the time, it is pretty much the equivalent of one
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Re: Clans?

Postby lemonade6 » 30 November 2019, 08:12

Anyone remember GSA ?
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