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› Welcome to Plazma Burst 2 official website

Hi and welcome to the Plazma Burst 2 official site that is dedicated to the game Plazma Burst 2. This is a place where you can play Plazma Burst 2 online game in multiplayer or campaign mode, create your own maps or even simply chat with other players.

In this game you play as a marine, who wasn't sent to the past successfully in order to change the history of mankind to a better life and avoid the invasion of Usurpation Forces. In Plazma Burst: Forward to the past, after when our hero's ally was critically damaged, marine travels back to the Earth to attempt another try on traveling back in time... Will fortune smile to him this time?

Plazma Burst 2 is a tactical slidescrolling shooter free online game, developed by Eric Gurt with support of Coolbuddy.com released in March 2011.

› What's next?
You can proceed to registration page. Registration is free but if you don't want to do it just now or you don't need personal statistics, a non-default character and the ability to create maps - you can always play as a Guest. If so, you can start playing just by moving to the Play section.

It seems like that is all we wanted to tell you. Now we simply wish you best of luck at your beginnings and hope you will enjoy your time here.

› News
July 31, 2019: Greetings players!

We hope you're all exited for the announcement of our fourth set of Fan-Art submissions! We wanted to thank you all who took part in the contest and congratulations to the following users with getting their work added into Plazma Burst:

Skin: Hexagon suit by darkstar 1.
Decorations: weapon crate by darkstar 1, Portable fission chamber by darkstar 1.
Weapons: Healing pistol by LazyRain, Gravy rocket launcher by LazyRain, CS-GLHF by Incompetence (replaces CS-RCu by Incompetence since similar weapon was added).

We wanted to take this time to also mention that we have polished a few approved maps / working on going though all of the approved maps and getting them up-to-date with our restrictions for approval -- Keep an eye out for new approved maps!

We have all been hard at work for you and from all of us we wanted to say thank you for playing Plazma Burst and we hope you like these updates! Please give us FeedBack !

Also follow us on Twitter !
July 30, 2019: Greetings players!

We'd like to announce the third set of Fan-Art submissions! Thank you once again to all who took part in the contest and congratulations to the following users to getting their work added:

Skin: Hermes by darkstar 1.
Decorations: V2 of XXF Rapier by DoomWrath, Supply crate by darkstar 1.
Guns: CS-AUG by phsc, Raider Railgun Mk1 by ctxranger, Archetype 27XX by Incompetence.

Please make sure to respond to any messages sent to inbox if your work has been accepted.
July 27, 2019: Greetings players!

Thank you for reading our news post! We wanted to announce the next set of Fan-Art that will be added to Plazma Burst.

Skin: VPN (renamed to Zephyr) by ditzy.
Decorations: Holograms by darkstar 1, healing kit by darkstar 1.
Guns: Nexxon Shotgun NS-97 by thetoppestkek, armor piercing rifle by darkstar 1 and CR-30 by Incompetence.

If your name is posted here congratulations, please visit your inbox for a message from an Administrator. Thank you!
July 26, 2019: Greetings players!

We wanted to congratulate & thank everyone who participated in our Fan Art Contest! We had a lot of submissions, specifically weapon submissions! Sadly not everything can get added (at least not yet!) However, what will be added you can read about it here.

Skin: ditzy (Android DT-148).
Guns: (Android sniper, Crossfire CR-145 Vortex and Psi cutter) by Mr jaks nes, ctxranger and LazyRain.
Decorations: (flag banners and camera) by ditzy and darkstar 1.

We will contact these players through site inbox or Discord shortly!!!

We will add more submissions soon!
July 18, 2019: Greetings Plazma League players!

We wanted to congratulate everyone participating in .: Level Editors League Season 1 :. We had some awesome submissions, well done everyone! (we are still working out rewards, possibly it will be a profile title)

Additionally, we are working on a new event for you to participate in very soon. If you would like to participate in Plazma Burst Events, Click this link!

I wanted to take a moment to mention we are looking for Plazma League Staff Members. These are players who want to participate in creating events, judging events and helping make League better & more efficient. These members are not Plazma Burst Staff, please don't get confused. Some requirements I wanted to mention before you click on the link;

• Members who are Mature and Responsible.
• Have been apart of Plazma Burst and know the series well. ( Optional / But Preferred )
• Must have held a Plazma Burst account for at least 3 months.

If you are still interested please click this link.
July 17, 2019: Greetings Artists, Level Editors & Players!

If you are unaware, we have opened a FanArt Submissions Event for you to create your own artwork and submit it for a chance to be thrown into Plazma Burst!

Submit your works here.

Please note that more Fan-Art Submissions will be added to our Poll page. So be sure to check it daily! As an artist, please don't feel rushed. Create your fan-art and submit it, your work will be added to our poll as said previously. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Eric Gurt or Tempus. You can find them in our Contact Tab.

Click here be taken to our Voting Poll for Fan-Art Submissions

Thank you and have a great day!
July 14, 2019: Support for songs from Newgrounds.com as well as looping has been added to Advanced Level Editor.


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​Cyclic ​Infinity ? 2.8 -  
​Uun male United States 2.61 -  
​Teru female Japan 2.1 -  
​Jacob12345 male United States 2.09 -  
​devil ​smile United States 2.08 Alucard   
​RAYANE ​THE ​PRO ​GMAER male Algeria 1.98 -  
​Keisshi- male Poland 1.93 -  
​ERile Bahamas 1.71 -  
​Nehil male ? 1.71 -  
​Zero ​Two female Japan 1.71 -  
​_God male ? 1.69 -  
​Nuke10 male United States 1.67 -  
​DONT ​USE ​MY ​NAME female Philippines 1.64 -  
​Yex male ? 1.6 -  
​Avre ? 1.57 -  
​nano47 male ? 1.55 -  
​granted Turkey 1.45 -  
​littlekk female China 1.43 -  
​Horus ​Air ​God male Colombia 1.39 -  
​Ro_ male ? 1.39 -  

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