When were PB2's prime years?

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When were PB2's prime years?

Postby mingo1 » 8 November 2019, 07:06

I think 2014-15 were PB2's best years. I liked the variety of maps played and the activity of the community. I think clans were at their highest, most competitive point during these times too, which made things a lot of fun for me personally.

Also, and this may seem weird, I think this year, 2019, is one of PB2's best years. What mapmakers can and are doing today is beyond belief with the fan art and updates at hand.

Let me know when you think PB2's prime years were!

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Re: When were PB2's prime years?

Postby Star Fox McCloud » 8 November 2019, 11:31

Dude, 2014-2015 was stryde sniper buffet.. 2011-2012 wasn’t like this lol. And it had the most variety of maps because ... KD.

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Re: When were PB2's prime years?

Postby Eric Gurt » 8 November 2019, 12:55

Most popular years were first 2 after release, not the most fun ones probably though. At least in my opinion initial netcode was too incomplete (no TCP connection, no grenades, poor player capacity support, no AI in multiplayer), yet somehow game really was popular. I probably expected more games to inherit similar ragdoll physics approach since then.

Early map making took much more effort to make something good. I sometimes wonder what these early level developers had achieved by this time. Do they still make maps for other projects? Because I think their potential was obvious.

There also was friendly fire in COOP (no TDM was added yet) which later was replaced with only being able to hit teammates when they are dying, and later removed completely from non-explosive damage.

Also I think all custom maps were influencing stats, though I can be wrong.

If I was to think of best years - that is probably all of them to me personally, even if I don't speak frequently in community and just check stuff occasionally instead. I think I actually afraid to ruin it or lead towards the wrong direction, which is probably not truth though. In the end a simple flash game somehow turned out to become this. I think it all made me want to try making games with more effort and quality in the end and that is exactly why it takes so long. Or not.
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