Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff

Postby lrv » 8 June 2019, 18:12

I encountered some weird bugs that might be related.
Some might be just me though:
1. Sometimes if I join in Multiplayer all player chat is said double.
2. Sometimes if I load this site it tells me I don't have flash.
3. My campaign progress reset.
4. For a very short period of time all my maps except for 5 disappeared and reappeared later again.
5. There has been much more lag than usual.
6. I get often ping-kicked in matches even though nothing in my connections changes after a period of time.
7. The friend online thingy also isn't correct.
8. The attack bug was back for a short period of time after the maps disappeared.
I might have forgotten some.
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Re: Weird Stuff

Postby Oriental » 3 July 2019, 17:53

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Re: Weird Stuff

Postby trak brother » 12 July 2019, 15:22

1. In Campaign, Level 30. While Shooting With Drone Gun, 2 Of Drone Nano Did Well but 1 Drone Nano is heading to the floating building ( It Moves Diagonally To The Floating Building )
2. After Player Got Killed By AI, It Starts Spamming In My Screen. And The Player's kept " Die-ing " From It In My Screen Also, And I cant Open Doors Or Something Like Press Button To Teleport.
3. In 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2, After I Killed That Player. The Rocket Launcher ( Modded ) That I Shoot is that his body moved my rocket shot. And It Keeps Doing that, ( Not All Rounds ).

[ Short Bugs I Bet ]
( I'll Get More to see those bugs )

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Re: Weird Stuff

Postby tehswordninja » 10 August 2019, 16:59

Oriental wrote:1. It's the lag issue do you expect eric gurt to fix your lag
2. It's the problem with your flash if it's outdated dumbass
3. That happens to me and it will never get fixed since millions of people has already talked about that shit and it never got fixed soooo good luck with that
4. no proof means no life
5. Yeah?? Sure is it to blame your shitty ass computer or the game pick one goddamn it.
6. It's called "lag" Retard of course a game has bugs and deal with it
7. How you know if isn't correct lmfao
8. What the **** are you saying maybe your running out of ideas what to say anymore like everything you said here doesn't make sense at all.

Oh yeah it seems like no one has replied to you for about almost a month because it's just how bad this is and I wanted to reply you don't have to be a greedy bi*** because almost all games has bugs and don't let Eric fix those since his already working in plazma burst 2.5

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Re: Weird Stuff

Postby xzyop » 20 August 2019, 23:34

yes the ping+kick has happened to me today multiple time, my connection also disconnects when this happens. and also when i go to the level editor, the page sometimes freezes when i save
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