tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

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tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby phsc » 8 January 2019, 16:23

so like 5 am lastnight i had nothing to do so i decided id try out a new typology method, but this one is a little bit harder to do on fictional characters and i wanted to do it on a lot of people, so i was like, i guess the rest of the ppl in my school might be great! but i dont rly remember some ppl from there or smth so pb2 why not

this uses interaction styles, which is how one PREFERS to communicate
theres the way you communicate: direct(not giving a choice) or informative(giving a choice)
theres your social preference: initiating(!) or responding(!)
theres how you work better: control(chaos sucks) or movement(efficiency is the key if it isnt efficient i will create chaos)

theres the way you prefer to constantly view things: concrete(what is) or abstract(what if)
theres the way you prefer to do things: pragmatic(what is most efficient) or affiliative(what aligns to your moral and ethical values)
and theres teh way you initiate doing things: interest(i will start it then learn about it) or systematic(i will learn about it to see if i should start it and learn more after)

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its pretty obvious i am movement, the fact i did for apparently no reason a hacking tutorial and the fact i kinda constnatly rage quit and end up being quite impulsive comes out of this, but movement is also in how you work, if you do things fast and if you prefer efficiency the most, and well, the Fact I don't write down like this almost always, is a pretty great way to show that I am a movement type.

direct, i dont give people choice, i mean this is a little bit harder to show online but a great method of seeing if someone is direct or not is when theyre socializing talking about completely random shit, people that are very direct cant chat in weird ways, they cant just "oh yeah the weather is nice" easily, mostly for INTJ and ENTJ(ENTJ can do it easier tho) but this is only when someone is highly direct so not that much of a valid method but in my case its quite weird

responding is also my preference, in pb2s community not that much of what i end up doing but irl its waht happens the most, this is the toughest for this system online tho

abstract, viewtopic.php?f=117&t=22424
its a constant what if, most of my posts are, more future oriented or smth, talk to me in prviate and you will see

pragmatic, morals and ethics are subjective etc etc etc but even when i was a kid id prefer results>morals which is something our society hates because NTs are the kind of people who go really rich because, guess what, if you consntatly ask what if and youre systematic too so that means you research things more AND YOURE PRAGMATIC its probably the best type to have irl, and most CEOs are from these types, even tho theres a few ISTJs but mostly when... theyre from families with NTs!

systematic, this is a system, that post i mentioned above, i proposed a system, the way i am typing this down, as unorganized as it looks, is using a system, and i research before doing things in a general way, if you invite me to some random discord of you i will ask why and see "huh it looks pretty cool or not" while, lets say, if you invite a INFP who is affiliative and interest based, he prob wont ask any questions and say yes or no, i know that because of artichokecat

the first 3 say im a finisher architect, ISTJ ISTP INTJ INFJ and then i am abstract pragmatic systematic thats a NT i am a INTJ

so huh who do i do next

mlg cool dominik:
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concrete, he doesnt ask what if, he just mentions what a post or person in a post said and tries to know why not what will
initiating he has years more posts made than replies made this is also a pretty decent method for this
direct, he says do it he doesnt give you a "choice" or the illusion of one most of the time
initiating and direct means structure type
and hes affiliative, he mentions what he thinks is right and what is wrong quite a lot, and that is Si and well, SJs have Si! so hes a ESTJ!

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paulstin is direct, pretty obvious
not sure if initiating or responding(INTJ and INFJ can be weird in this, while a ENFP might prefer responding)
hes movement, dark clan is almost pure chaos

hes abstract, he keeps talking about dark clan in pb2.5 or 3, hes really future oriented because hes a Ni user
hes affiliative, what he htinks is right and wrong, in that case the only dark clan rule which is respect your lovely dark clan members, he doesnt care about like pb2s rules because for him in his view theyre stupid which is more of a Fi approach not Fe but ok i guess Te critic or smth

hes interest, paulstin doesnt talk about anything other than dark clan because hes afraid of talking about it because he doesnt enjoy that experience, because he has Se inferior like lets say eric, which is a form of performance anxiety, and i also have it, in the internet its not that present in a INTJs case but in real life deliciously exquisite pizza sauce

this means hes a INFJ

eric gurt:
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responding of course, eric is introverted as deliciously exquisite pizza sauce
control and informative or movement and direct... pretty hard

concrete or abstract? also pretty hard in erics case
affiliative not pragmatic
interest or systematic... hmmm

hes responding which means finishere and background types, and hes affiliative, id say eric is also interest and also abstract and that implies NF, which means INFJ or INFP, both make a ton of sense but considering how long he has been working in pb3 id say hes a finisher type which means INFJ because of high Ni

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hex is responding and direct pretty obvious he doesnt talk much thats a direct approach too, and direct people try to say the most when talking, i mean hes direct, ditzy is direct, while even i and hik probably he people who write down the biggest texts are also direct
hes also pragmatic and interest, which means ISTP

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darkstar is rpetty hard, i retyped him and id say he might be a INFJ, he has Se somewhere, he cares about the experience he gives others socially, he worries about it i guess
hes responding, not sure if movement or control and not sure if direct or informative
id say direct but im not fully sure, direct people are the ones who throw a joke instead of adding random stuff to conversations, icergodz does that all the time, ditzy does that all the time, darkstar also does that
this means darkstar is a finisher type
darkstar is clearly abstract, no question about it, but now is the hard part...
pragmatic? id say hes not, affiliative, but imo hes systematic not interest
Ti critic and Ti child give joy out of random puzzles n mental challenges, why i did this at 5 am is exactly that, most of his pb2 maps are that, pretty tough, i go with INFJ because in my opinion darkstar is more close to ditzy and eric than he is to me or hikariaze

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responding, pragmatic(the fact he wanted to do a thing on his christmas map with like all enemies having powers but it isnt possible so he went with normal enemies msot of the time, thats a pragmatic approach)
systematic, he joined cult of use and also abstract because he mentioned it going ianctive like other map making discords
informative and control or movement and direct... id say he has more of a control approach, hes not someone i see breaking rules

chickenoos(i think BApples is chx btw):
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affiliative abstract and interest he screams all of the three
hes informative he just keeps saying random shit, and hes control ebcause he thinks chaos does get us anywhere thats what happened to like ditzys cult of use discord a lot

Spoiler: Show More
hes affiliative and interest, just talk to him, oh yeah he might not want because hes interest
hes responding and informative too i mean deliciously exquisite pizza sauce talk to him once

Spoiler: Show More
control, he tries to change the topics of conversations when i talk about like politics or religion in pb2 general, in a kinda ironic and funny way but after all i guess thats literally being a control type
hes also affiliative and systematic too, he joined my discord after i explained him what it was about unlike some ppl who dont even want to hear what it is about or smth and even then are kinda afraid sometimes because inferior Si or smth

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hes initiating id say, maybe responding(ENFP response!)
he kinda looks like affiliative and interet too? not systematic and not pragmatic id say too
this implies NF, so ENFJ or ENFP, considering that id say hes informative not direct he doesnt impose shit

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hmmm, ayano is informative... initiating? responding? tough
id say initiating, going in and out of nowhere into conversations, thats a more initiating approach than waiting until the conversation finishes or mentioning something to finish it like, well, i do
i will go with movement, ayano
pragmatic i remember ayano telling me i have long hair because i am probably like too lazy to cut it or smth and the sad part is that its true thats a pragmatic approach
interest or systematic, hmmm, id say systematic because out of cult of use discord etc joined without like "i am a interest type so i dont want to join reee" like resi or smth

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initiating ofc
interest ofc
movement and informative too i guess
and... concrete too i believe
this means ESFP

Spoiler: Show More
PRAGMATIC ALL THE WAY, deliciously exquisite pizza sauce steals maps from people, THATS BEING PRAGMATIC, and people call ISTPs the msot pragmatic out of all types for a reason
hes concrete too he doesnt give a fck about innovating map making or smth like idk mrnat max teabag darkstar etc
hes also probably responding i mean hes not that active in pb2s community prob cuz hes part of another one or smth
and i will say movement because he keeps making maps n shit

Spoiler: Show More
direct is pretty obvious
responding too i guess, initaiting some times but still way way more replies, thats how responding works in a pure psychological view, replying
and movement is also pretty obvious, the people who wirte a deliciously exquisite pizza sauce lot tend to be movement types BUT if we want to be even more specific, triple movement types, aka INTJ and INFP are the ones who talk the most when youre in a situation with them, like in a INFPs case they are more shy n shiot but INTJ just writes down a deliciously exquisite pizza sauce bible everytime or smth
pragmatic? affiliative, actually im not really sure, pb2 is a game where pragmatic and affiliative can look really similar unless ur an extreme like kubakuba or idk eric himself, i will go with pragmatic, systematic or interest is an actual question tho, really not sure
ISTJ or INTJ hmmm INTJ because of the last time i typed her
i mean id say systematic but ive never really talked to hik like normal people do so meh i guess

Spoiler: Show More
remember that poetry kazy made
thats full CONCRETE, its not ABSTRACT, its not what if it is what is, if you do poetry like that, youre concrete
interest or systematic no real idea i dont know kazy well enought but considering cognitive functions the result was ISFP, which means responding control informative pragmatic and interest, not sure, but concrete for sure

Spoiler: Show More
so last time i deliciously exquisite pizza sauce up typing zap but i will explain why i changed my mind in the end where i mention his discussion with tempus
zap is pragmatic thats obvious, hes initating and HES deliciously exquisite pizza sauce MOVEMENT, hes movement taht thing with tempus, thats movement working, creating "drama" according to temus or smth
so, so in theory ESFP or ENTP
now heres a cool thing
the 4 spectra of a ENTP are, ENTP ego, INTJ unconscious, ESFP superego and ISFJ subconscious
thing is, zap does drugs
and drugs make you subconscious oriented, most drugs actually
so i mentioned he had a INFJ subconscious, that can be a ISFJ subconscious
in theory thats why he likes the community or smth?

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hes responding by far
id say control too
pragmatic or affiliative? hm
id say systematic too because of his post in my last post about typing ppl from pb2 community
so this means INTP and yeah i guess he took that test and its a pretty decent one

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hes responding and hes control id say too, most of staff members are going to be control i guess
systematic or interest? hmmm... affiliative or pragmatic, not really sure
but cognitive functions say INFP, so...
anyway id say hes interest not systematic in a general way which kills ISFJ and INTP, so ISFP or INFP, hmmm, he could be a ISFP but im not sure, i kinda think it makes sense

max teabag:
Spoiler: Show More
responding direct movement, pretty obvious
id say pragmatic and systematic for sure
INTJ? could maybe be control and informative but thats weird

anyway i remember he made a top books of his life and ayn rand was on top
atlas shrugged is the book made for INTJs i guess
and he was pretty much a Ni user when you think about it, his maps n etc

great i guess

Spoiler: Show More
interest for sure
responding too i guess
and control id say
ISFP or INFP classic problem
imo hes a ISFP hes more concrete than abstract, i dont see resi like being future oriented at all

Spoiler: Show More
guide is responding control for sure
hes also affiliative id say, probably systematic considering the few times i talked to him

Spoiler: Show More
icer is movement for sure, and direct, which implies responding, internet ha!
concrete and pragmatic too, and id say interest too

lostmydollar/jason eden:
Spoiler: Show More
concrete too
initating i guess, could be responding, anyway for sure hes introverted but its the internet so who knows
movement or control? big question
id go with ESTJ

Spoiler: Show More
interest for sure
pragmatic or affiliative? not sure, hes responding control tho
id say INFP because i see more what if than what is on him

civil lite:
Spoiler: Show More
responding control for sure
concrete and affiliative

Spoiler: Show More
remember wreak being mega philosophical about pb2 not existing? thats a what if right
well, all his questions werent answered with other what ifs, he didnt go that far, he had a what if and then responded them using only concrete evidence, ISTJs and ISFJs have Ne inferior that allows that to happen
hes responding, tahts pretty obvious
the way he wrote that philosophical thing was more informative than direct
id say hes also systematic because he also had almost no problems in joining my discord or smth
maybe ISTJ

Spoiler: Show More
he acts initiating and control and direct on pb2
hes also pragmatic and concrete in pb2
but irl hes a ISTJ so id say hes either a ESTP who has to be in ISTJ unconscious irl or hes a ISTJ who uses ESTP unconscious in pb2

yi en:
Spoiler: Show More
hes interest or systematic? not sure
hes pragmatic or affiliative? not sure
imo hes informative and responding
this means backgorund type
really not sure if concrete or abstract, id say systematic and... not sure if pragmatic or affiliative
he was tested as INTP using the crappy 16personalities but meh

green eyed demon:
Spoiler: Show More
concrete direct initiating control and interest, ESTP
could be the same thing with the ego unconscious relation of ISTJ and ESTP taht happens to kostadin or smth idk

Spoiler: Show More
eru is initiating, hes movement too
affiliative and interest oriented


Spoiler: Show More
tempus is a ISTJ
if we consider this method, hes responding, he RESPONDED ZAP while zap initaited!
hes control for sure, but it can also be movement related to Si that made him want zap demoted
hes direct tho
direct responding = finisher type
hes concrete i guess, i dont see that much specific abstract on him
affiliative, demoting zap is really not a pragmatic thing, really not
and systematic for sure
ISTJ with minimal chance for INTJ
1w2, 6w5 and probably 3w4

so heres the interesting thing, data time!

mbtibase is a pretty weird website but ill use it anyway
people who hate tempus'es type:
people who hates zaps'zes type:
you see, the enneagarms and tempus mbti's type conflict with zaps
theyre almost full opposites
its literally the same concept as what happens in civil war from marvel
tony stark is a ENTP, captain america is a ISFJ
ISTJ and ENTP irl have more problems because ISTJs have more balls than ISFJs to confront a ENTP
but anyway, great i guess
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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby Resi » 9 January 2019, 01:30

I'm more of an INTP to be honest. But it's nice that you're doing this.
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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby phsc » 9 January 2019, 02:06

Resi wrote:I'm more of an INTP to be honest. But it's nice that you're doing this.


youre not more a type, you are a type

actually youre 4 theres 4 sides of ur mind and shit

the MBTI is wrong this is actual jungian psychology
i mean its post jungian at this point

and im talking about dario nardi, john beebe etc
(even a little bit of jordan peterson for like the demon function but hes wrong about other stuff)

anyway, i dont see Ti hero in you at all, i dont see inferior Fe

i typed u as INFP before if im right using purely functions and theyre really similar


thats probably the best test even tho tests arent the greatest of all methods yet you should try to put someone under all the 8 cognitive spectra

like me:
Spoiler: Show More
Ni hero - not that visible here in pb2s community, but i mean just take a look at most of my posts, i literally want pb2 to be light years more libertarian and less staff dependant, thats Ni doing some work i guess...
and a ton of shit u dont know cuz of Ne nemesis
Te parent - i walk around talking about shit ive been learning in hope someone refutes me and really care about feedback for shit
Fi child - i am quite narcissistic and pretty selfish when you think about it like i used to casually troll people around here
Se inferior - this one doesnt show that much but anyway, i try to be heavily perfectionistic with stuff i care, and that would be my maps but i dont get to finish them because i literally dont get anything out of doing it because this game is dead and if like 3000 people would play a map by me id spend hours making them(please consider only newer maps not EKAT bases) also another way to see this is that i constantly change my life slogan forum pic discord pic and even tho i have a mic and can speak i dont have the balls to or smth
Ne nemesis - im quite paranoid, i think bapples is chx, i think that scar27 dude was ecc9 trying to be edgy or smth(hes the only player from his country which i forgot) also ofc jason eden being lostmydollar is too obvious
even tho i give out quite a ton of personal info
Ti critic - i like puzzles because i feel dumb(typing people is a puzzle!)
Fe trickster - im a socially awkward asshole
Si demon - i cant remember the country that scar27 is from and the way i deal with things is by rage quitting! and that implies me quitting the forums casually by trying to be banned or just saying deliciously exquisite pizza sauce it multiple times, joining and leaving the discord server, also the fact i left boz like twice n etc

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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby Resi » 9 January 2019, 16:26

phsc wrote:
Resi wrote:I'm more of an INTP to be honest. But it's nice that you're doing this.


16personalities, a lot of things felt right but I didn't bother reading it fully.
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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby phsc » 9 January 2019, 16:38

Resi wrote:
phsc wrote:
Resi wrote:I'm more of an INTP to be honest. But it's nice that you're doing this.


16personalities, a lot of things felt right but I didn't bother reading it fully.

16personalities uses the MBTI system not jungian psychology, it doesnt use cognitive functions, interaction styles, cognitive spectra, etc
its a method that was supposed to make typing people more easy but its harder actually, but thats where we got the names for each personality type

like i have a friend of mine who im sure is the ultimate INTP all the 8 cognitive functions fit, and he gets INFP on it because he has overdeveloped inferior Fe which makes so he looks like hes "sentimental" but hes really not hes just a good person

thats what make people think its not an actual decent science
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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby 49er » 10 January 2019, 17:56

Using literature, mythology, history, and religion to explain personality types > using "social science" "research" i.e. the results of biased experiments following the methodology of philosophical infants (marxists)

Jungian psychology is just a dialectical synthesis of the world mythology canon and the modern "scientific" canon of psychology; taking its methods and concepts from psychology and attempting to explain thereby world-feeling when it should actually be the other way around.
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Re: tfw you retype ppl from pb2s community at 5 am

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 14 January 2019, 17:51

Cool story broski                                                                                 
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