Freezing Point

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Freezing Point

Postby Resi » 8 December 2018, 16:53

- 4 Players (2v2).
- 200 HP.
- CS Rifle, Pistol, Defibrillator, 2 Ray Guns.
- Asymmetrical.
- 4 Explosive Grenades on Spawn.

ID: resi-fp
Map Page: ... &id=918024
Map Demo:

I decided to put a lot of effort in a map, but then I noticed the map would probably be barely played, so I decided to finish it with what I had.

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A duo of terrorist partners (Red Team) snuk into a Russian Factory, the guards (Blue Team) decide to investigate preparing their weapons, as it's unusual to have people at this hour.

Special thanks to Ditzy for giving me some criticism on improving the map's layout.
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