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PM Alert

Postby Resi » 7 December 2018, 18:25

There should be an alert box when messaging an user when you don't accept PMs from anyone or friends only (when the user isn't your friend).

See, some people PM others asking questions or trying to talk but you can't tell them absolutely anything when they don't get anything.

So before the PM is sent to me, they should receive an alert box telling them about it.

"Are you sure you want to message this user? They won't be able to reply back because of your message settings. You can modify your message settings in Edit Profile."
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Re: PM Alert

Postby eru_ » 7 December 2018, 18:27

Yeah i agree , i support this idea , good one
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Re: PM Alert

Postby Eric Gurt » 8 December 2018, 09:44

Updated it so it will always allow replying to messages during 2 years since most recent message (except cases of manual blocking). Check if it works.
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