:: How to create a good character skin ::

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:: How to create a good character skin ::

Postby ReversedEdges » 13 November 2018, 20:07


Please do not comment stuff like "we all know this". It's a tutorial for intermediate map developers, not for professionals :roll:

Eric Gurt updated the editor with many useful trigger actions, including those, that will be explained in this post.
We will focus on FIVE types of action:

Change [...] model of Character 'A' to model 'B' - Let's you swap a part of a body with the part of the other skin. Example:

I just swapped Civil Security Lite's head with Noir Lime head; Lite's body, with Heavy's body.

Set character 'A' color pattern. - Allows you to change each part of body's color to the other one.

HEX Colors doesn't work for this one; you need to use color codes located in official color pattern manual in here: http://www.plazmaburst2.com/level_editor_manual/color%20pattern.html

Now, to make the example above better, i will apply color pattern "dddk" to the character. Outcome:

As you can see, the outcome character looks like a soldier with a gas-mask and a bulletproof vest.

I hope this small tutorial solved your troubles.

There may be grammar mistakes; it's because that i'm still learning english.
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