[TUTORIAL] | How to decode your .pb2map file

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[TUTORIAL] | How to decode your .pb2map file

Postby Protonoid » 23 October 2018, 12:38

Few people have been asking over discord, I found a method to do this. I thought it would be no harm posting it here. There ya go fellas.

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Tutorial made for Google Chrome, you need to mess up yourself with the Dev Tools in case you use any other browser.
Don't worry its easy af :

• Open the map page you want to decode.
• Download the .pb2map file. (we don't really need the .pb2map, just need to download it to load it up into the LocalStorage of your browser)
• Hit up the F12 Key on your keyboard, it will open up the Developer Tools.
• Go to applications tab, collapse the LocalStorage folder and search for your map ID. (Video Tutorial)

There you go, you can find a XML-like parameter-ized file over there, you may save it in your computer using notepad. If you want to edit it, you may, needs a few tweaks though :
• Edit the code in the same window you downloaded it from.
• Download the .pb2map and re-upload it.

Although its useless, but since it was demanded, there you go!

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Re: [TUTORIAL] | How to decode your .pb2map file

Postby Captain Chickenoos » 23 October 2018, 15:14

To get the XML, you save the map in the ALE and get the LocalStorage entry. However this isn't really decoding the file. This is getting file that was already decoded.
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Re: [TUTORIAL] | How to decode your .pb2map file

Postby phsc » 25 October 2018, 22:18

its so great when people find out something you found out earlier but u were banned from the forums

a few things i found:

theres a thing that makes a door move to some position, its like moving or smth, not useful at all, like most of this
according to my tests fake objects for some deliciously exquisite pizza sauce reason aren't affected by editing the pb2map file? maybe i deliciously exquisite pizza sauce up but still u can just use inspect element
you can make characters be affected by a force moving into x and y that literally just moves them

and theres nothing much to it than maybe mass editing triggers, mass editing bgs n other objects to give htem like lenght of 25.5 or smth like that but theres easier methods
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