Niglet-fix (Movable Sound Bug Fixed!)

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Niglet-fix (Movable Sound Bug Fixed!)

Postby Niglet » 12 October 2018, 22:25

Hi guys! Today I come to show you a map that I bet will help you a lot in this Level Editor bug. I'm not sure if many people know about it but everywhere and heard that from. The movable sound bug is very bad, FIX THE MOVABLE SOUND BUG PLS!!!, im very tired of movable sound bug ..., eric pls fix the movable sound bug. And to solve that problem, I've been working on a map to get rid of that problem and yes! It worked below I leave the link and the demo to be tested and its source is open for copying. I will be working to make a tutorial in this post how to copy it and move it to another map.

Map Link: ... &id=910376

Map Demo Link:

Map Source Link: ... niglet-fix

Enjoy it! :D
I Fixed The Movable Sound Bug :D

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